October 2021
Reflections - October 2021
It’s amazing how dependent we may become on technology in various ways – whether it’s having power, or internet access or simply computers or other devices working correctly.  Recently, we had a wind storm which knocked out our power for several hours. Thanks to being prepared with battery backups for those types of events, we still had internet access throughout the duration of the outage. Earlier this spring, some of our networking gear failed and our internet went out. Again, we were prepared, were able to identify the problem and put contingencies in place so that we were able to remain online and the kids were able to finish remote classes.
These scenarios reminded me of another issue where it is critical to be prepared – and that is spiritually. Not only does God have our days numbered on this earth as we alluded to in last months’ reflections, but He also prepares us for each opportunity to serve Him. If He provides opportunity for us to talk with someone today about Jesus Christ are WE ready? What do we say? How will they respond? 
Our instruction in Matthew was to be obedient and “make disciples of all nations”, not to please or entertain the world. We can tell them what Jesus Christ has done for us personally!  We can study and become more familiar with God’s Word and His Spirit will provide HIS peace, HIS strength, HIS HOPE and the zeal to tell others about OUR Savior will continue to grow. THAT is something that ALL of us need to be prepared for – are we READY to talk about our Faith?

Prayer Requests and Praises:
  • Praise the Lord for His faithfulness!
  • Pray for wisdom for the S&E board and their upcoming meeting as they discuss new material development. Praise Him that we can commit our way to Lord and trust Him for the results.
  • Pray as the S&E board established a funding project to help with the various technology needs and equipment replacements.  Pray that God would protect the Bible training material data files through these transitions as He provides the funds for these needs.  (contact our office how you can help out with this)
  • Praise the Lord that mail options are starting to open back up for sending materials to other countries.
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