September - 2020
Each week, we send out a weekly email devotional topic – which recently has been based on the book of Matthew. The topic last week, which was, “Jesus Again Told His Disciples About His Coming Resurrection” covered part of Matthew 17, including verses 22-23, where Jesus told the disciples that He was going to be betrayed, be killed and rise again. The disciples were sorrowful at that statement. After His resurrection, Jesus took the opportunity to explain various scriptures, about His death and resurrection, to the disciples and opened their understanding so they might comprehend the Scriptures. The past few weeks, our family has been studying through the last few chapters of 1 Thessalonians and the first part of 2 Thessalonians. In 1 Thessalonians chapter 4, Paul encourages the believers of Thessalonica by telling them that believers who have died will be raised when Jesus comes again. Believers who are alive will be caught up together with them to meet the Lord in the air. 
Second Thessalonians 1 shows a choice each person has - verses 7-8 tell us that Jesus will be revealed from heaven with His mighty angels in flaming fire. Those who have made the choice not to obey the gospel of Jesus Christ, by believing on the Lord Jesus Christ, will be punished with everlasting destruction away from the presence of the Lord. However, for those who have believed that Jesus died for the penalty of sin and rose again and have repented of sin, will have rest and can look forward to eternity in the presence of the Savior. Just as Paul tells the church in 1 Thessalonians 4, let US "comfort one another with these words".

Here are some ways that you can be praying WITH us:

-Pray for those who have not yet chosen to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Praise God for His abundant mercy and pray that He would open their eyes and grant them repentance so they would not be punished with everlasting destruction.

-Praise the Lord for individuals who have been sharing some of the weekly email topics on their social media accounts AND with people they encounter. Pray that the Lord would use these topics to encourage others.

-Praise the Lord for opportunities to train others on the use of video in ministry, including live streaming, shooting and editing audio and video.

-David and Jocelyn were scheduled to be in Brazil from August 22 - September 7 to help missionaries Phil and Kristi Jansma get settled in their new ministry location. Because of COVID travel restrictions, they are NOT in Brazil. Pray for strength for the Jansmas as they get settled in without the help they were anticipating with certain tasks.

-Praise the Lord that He knew we would be needed here instead of in Brazil especially during this time as David's mom unfortunately fell recently and broke her right arm where it attaches to the shoulder. She is experiencing quite a bit of pain and because she is right-handed, is unable to do many normal tasks. Pray for comfort and healing for her. Pray for continued strength for us as our family (especially Jos and Rosie) is taking turns being with her and have been helping her out pretty much 24/7 since her fall.

-The high school kids (Jeff, Angie and Greg) return to school schedule this coming week. Pray for this transition as they have not had a regular "school schedule" since schools closed up last March. They will be starting school on-line and then returning to school when it is "considered safe". Pray especially for Jeff as he will be in his senior year and is praying about what to do after he finishes high school.

As always, thank you for your continued prayers and encouragement – Let us know how we can be praying for YOU!

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