September 2021
Reflections - September 2021
This year has continued with an incredible impact from a global sickness. Many of us have either faced the virus to a varying degree, lost family or friends due to this virus, or at least known someone who has been affected in some way. We have interacted with multiple friends and even ministry partners who have experienced this virus – some, even dying from it. During this sickness, one thing that has remained constant is passionate opinion regarding masks, vaccinations, and other “directives” we’ve received from our respective governments and how this affects peoples’ life (or death).
I bring this up, not to state a position for or against these decisions and directives, but to ask us to consider something and ask a question. There is a far bigger issue we all face - many around us may even be ignorant of this issue. It’s called SIN – Romans 3:23 tells us that we have ALL sinned. We have all come short of God’s glory – His perfection. The same Bible book of Romans tells us that because of our “infection” of SIN – we are totally separated from God – the “wages” or penalty for sin – is death; a physical and spiritual separation from the One, Jesus Christ, who took on that penalty for OUR sin by physically dying on OUR behalf and offers complete forgiveness for all who will trust HIM alone through repentance and faith.
What would happen, if we were as passionate about Jesus Christ and the need for forgiveness from sin? 
How about YOU? Are YOU forgiven? You can be… and I GUARANTEE, based on God’s Word, that Christ’s forgiveness is Eternal… How about those around you, do they know of God’s offer of forgiveness to all who believe? Our days are written in God’s book - WE each have an appointed time to die whether it be from COVID, cancer, heart disease, old age or the list goes on. May we all have our eyes on eternal things first and allow God to equip us for the tasks HE has for each of us.
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Prayer Requests and Praises:
Please Praise:
·        Praise the Lord that the "You Can Receive Forgiveness of Sins" series is all available on the S&E YouTube channel. Pray that the Lord would use these materials to draw people to Himself and encourage others as they share the Gospel with those around them.
·        Praise the Lord that David and Sheri were able to take Jeff down to school in CA and were able to enjoy a little slower pace on the way back via part of the Oregon Coast (see pictures)
·        Praise the Lord for His goodness and faithfulness!
Please Pray:
·        For those still struggling with the effects of the Covid Virus (and other ailments) for the Lord’s healing in HIS perfect timing. Pray especially for several missionaries who we serve who are currently either recovering, still struggling with or are hospitalized with this virus.
·        For our son and S&E volunteer, Jeff Moore, as he adjusts to college life in California.
·        For the editing of the Matthew videos that Jeff recorded this summer.
·        For the server equipment project and funds that are needed to update the servers. Pray that all data files will be protected, in the meantime, before the files are all transferred.
·        For wisdom as the S&E leadership considers several new opportunities and for the board’s upcoming November meeting.

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