May, 2020
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In this month's issue:

In this month’s issue: adapting to big change, virtual meetings/events, new S.I.S. developments, a talk with nutritionist, Katie Pangborn, CEO of Talking Tree Wellness
With Spring finally in full glory here in North America, and summer peeking around the corner, everyone is anxious to get going and get doing more. It’s an exciting prospect, but caution and prudence are still necessary keys to ensuring the safety and wellness for all. In the travel, rewards, and incentive business, it’s a time for gearing up and figuring out how all the pieces need to fit together on a go-forward basis.
As most of you know, S.I.S. never stays idle. During this period of self-isolation, we’ve been working just as hard at building business for the future as ever. Even more exciting; we’ve also been diligent in learning new ways of doing business, focusing on the ins and outs of new technology options for meetings, and staying top-of-mind with innovative new strategies to meet our client’s needs. More on those topics below.
Featured JustRewards Package of the Month
Newport Rhode Island America’s Cup Yacht Experience!
A trip to Newport, Rhode Island for two nights at the Newport Marriott Hotel and a hands-on experience aboard an America's Cup yacht, breakfast daily.

The exquisite Newport Marriott hotel is situated in the heart of historic Newport, Rhode Island. With a convenient harborside location, legendary attractions such as the Cliff Walk, Newport Mansions, Castle Hill Lighthouse and the International Tennis Hall of Fame are easily accessible. You will have the opportunity to get some “hands-on” experience as you take your two hour cruise on an actual former America's Cup yacht.

This isn't just a sight-seeing tour; it's the real deal, and on this interactive sailing adventure you'll get the ultimate racing experience! Package highlights include:

• 3 day/2 night four star accommodations for two at the Newport Marriott Hotel in Rhode Island, anytime within 36 months of date of issuance (no blackout dates – based on availability)
• Breakfast daily
• Hands-on two hour experience aboard a former America’s Cup Racing yacht
• All hotel taxes
• Package inclusions may be customized to include additional nights, guests or activities
To learn more about this package or book one today, please contact us

Last month we introduced everyone to Mike Farmer, our new Vice President of Group Sales . It goes without saying that Mike is a well respected pro in this business, and together we’ve crafted some amazing new ideas to share with everyone.

For example, we’re extremely excited to launch our new interview-style Destination Showcase YouTube video features, the first of which you’ll find below and on the S.I.S. social media pages.

This new endeavour features a chosen hotel and/or destination we feel deserves extra attention. Our first feature showcases The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, including their three experiential properties, Fly Fishing Camp , Cloud Camp and The Ranch at Emerald Valley, thank you to Hillary List for your time to share these wonderful properties. Click below to learn more!

In this new reality of social distancing for health and safety, companies are having to re-look at how they connect with their teams, customers, and suppliers. It can definitely be a challenge, but putting today’s technology at the forefront of connectivity has never been more imperative. The team at S.I.S. has recently attended some exemplary webinars addressing how to run virtual and hybrid meetings and events. The key is to ensure a smooth, well planned flow, to facilitate participant engagement and motivation.

Some of the top take-aways from these webinars include ensuring optimum webcam quality, being aware of backgrounds in your camera view (it’s so easy to forget that others will be seeing you and your surroundings, and no, pants are not optional!). Of additional consideration is camera and sound quality, to allow everyone to see and hear each participant clearly. In addition to purchasing the right technology package, if need be, investing in the best computer, external webcams, headsets, etc. that you can will keep you and your team professional in its communication efforts. After all, this is business, and you wouldn’t show up to an in-person meeting without being fully prepared.

Another consideration for these types of communications is staying aware of timing and length of content. As an added feature, some business video platforms allow for customizable backgrounds, best used if you have a green screen. This means you can brand backgrounds with your company’s logo, along with other interesting visual options. In a nutshell, t reat virtual meetings and events the same way you would in-person events; professionally attired, properly prepared, and ready to go.
For companies looking to expand and optimize their teleworking and connectivity options, S.I.S. is excited to partner with Working Live to bring you innovative new technology for video conferencing, webinars, content sharing, virtual meetings, seminars, and live streaming with hundreds of viewers. We know from our own hands-on experience that this is truly the corporate business dream tool.

With pricing and features that make sense for today's businesses, you can't afford not to check it out!

To sign up, contact us today at https.//
Katie Pangborn, RHN
Founder & CEO
Talking Tree Wellness

Now that the shock of living in isolation with reduced resources has worn off, many of us are settling into living in "The New Normal." The first few weeks were novel and may have led you to more creative ventures in the kitchen. Maybe you went through the trend of banana bread, sourdough bread, and making cupcakes for a friend's socially-distanced birthday, and now you're left with all the stress and none of the outlets. 

You need a strategy. Anxiety and stress vary from person to person, but across the board, people are now reporting stress levels twice as high as pre-pandemic. Stress is directly related to reduced immune function, something no one can afford to gamble with, so putting a holistic strategy in place is essential. 

Stress is what happens when you are pushed past your capacity, so if there's nothing you can do about the stress coming at you, it's time to raise your capacity. One of the most effective and quickest ways to do this is to focus on your fuel and incorporate more Mood Food into your diet. Mood Food is any food that actively supports your mental wellness. They are whole foods rich in nutrients like fibre, healthy fats, protein, and B vitamins, all of which can raise your capacity and reduce your susceptibility to anxiety, stress, and depression. 

In The Mood Food Method, there are two main principles: everything is allowed, and you deserve to feel amazing. It does away with food shame when you reach for some ice cream or a bag of chips when you're feeling stressed, emotional, or seeking comfort. It doesn't challenge you to sit around your house in jeans to make sure they still fit. Instead, it green-lights any food that truly makes you feel amazing and encourages you to ask yourself if you deserve to feel the way a food choice makes you feel.

Grab my Mood Food at a Distance: Your Stay-at-Home Guide to Supporting Your Mental Wellness with Nutrition for mental wellness-boosting tips, a kitchen staples guide, and simple recipes you can make with staple groceries.

To dig in even deeper, join the free Mood Food Relief Week challenge in the Mood Food Facebook Group, which just launched on Monday, May 18, 2020.

Talking Tree Wellness
Spring is here, and change is in the air on so many different levels! Many people are afraid, or shy away from change, but I think it’s not only inevitable, but necessary to growth, development, and improvement. While some things can and should stay the same; quality, professionalism, transparency, value, etc., others can be left at the roadside, or tweaked to more effectively reflect new directions, technologies, and needs.
For me, change is exciting. It means my team and I have an opportunity to examine and implement new resources that better serve our client’s goals and objectives. That means being open to learning new things and new ways of doing business in an ever-changing world. In order to stay competitive, we have to be sure we stay on the cutting edge of what’s happening in our industry, and then implementing those fresh new perspectives and ideas into our business model.
This rare time of being at home for extended periods of time, reflection, riding my horse on our property’s trails with my husband and son, and feeling so blessed by all the good things life offers, means I feel energized in ways I didn’t expect. I truly hope each of our readers has likewise found new wisdoms, comfort, and exciting new ways to move forward into each new day.
Stephanie McVeigh, CEO & Founder of Strategic Incentive Solutions Inc.

Strategic Incentive Solutions is committed to Supplier Diversity. S.I.S is a certified diversity supplier as a woman-owned business enterprise (WBE) that can assist with your diversity spend requirements.
If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Wayne Dyer