July, 2020
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In this month's issue:

In this month’s issue: staying engaged, risk management, booking an event or getaway during Covid-19, less is more, our Dynamic Duo, and our incredible Destination Shout-Out, the Sorrel River Ranch, Utah!
Since March of this year individuals and companies have had to really dig deep to figure out what matters and what doesn’t. A lot has been learned during this process, as we all begin to move toward sustainable re-opening of our businesses, cities, and services. The key word is “sustainable”. While for some people it may feel like we’re all still walking in quicksand, the truth is, we know more today than we did just a few month ago. Going forward, it’s up to companies to take the lessons learned and turn them into positives that work for everyone. Many companies, and employees, realized that the work-from-home option really is a workable win-win. For those who have or plan to return to the traditional work space, it’s all about safety and taking reasonable precautions. Everyone wants the same thing; to get back to work, safely. In this environment, how can travel, rewards, and incentives work? With careful, thoughtful planning, consideration, and engagement. Ah, there you have the rub; engagement. That’s what we’re all craving. We can and must engage with others, so we’ll give you our thoughts on how to do that safely and effectively.
Dynamic Duo or Partners In Crime?
Mike Farmer and Stephanie McVeigh are often referred to as both!
You might not know us yet, but if you don’t we need to change that!
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These past months have been challenging for everyone on so many levels that you may be struggling with where to start. Not to worry!

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Our JustRewards program has always been popular, but now more than ever, since recipients can choose the what, when, and where. This highly personalized reward system makes sense, and let’s employees know how valued they are for the work they do each and every day!
  • JustRewards™ individual experiential travel package recipients choose "what" THEY want to do, and "where" and "when" THEY want to do it. Highly flexible, recipients have 3 years to travel from the date of their package issuance. Packages are fully customizable allowing the recipient to add extra nights, guests or activities to help create the experience of their dreams.

  • JustRewards™ individual experiential travel packages boast 3 sensational collections, the Experiential Collection, the Sports Collection and the Travel Collection for your recipients to choose from. These collections feature access to over 1,000 individual sports and experiential options worldwide, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience for everyone.

  • All JustRewards™ individual experiential travel packages are provided at a predetermined fixed price point. This enables corporations to budget and accurately forecast the return on investment associated with their incentive program. Travel packages range from $200 and up, so it ensures a memorable travel experience on any budget.

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Sorrel River Ranch—where custom-built cabins and campfires meet “miles of adventure”!

Whether you’re hosting an intimate getaway or large gathering, this luxury resort boasts some of the most incredible views in Utah. With 240 acres of ranchland, no one can say they’re bored. Adventures that can be experienced include hiking, horseback riding, off-roading, and Colorado river-rafting, or just relaxing and being pampered at their luxury spa. Utah boasts some of the most breathtaking vistas imaginable, and guests certainly won’t be disappointed when they visit this outstanding destination.
Risk Management

As businesses and services continue to open, each company must take a close look at risk management. When it comes to anything involving travel and gatherings these days, this is even more imperative. Hotels and third party providers have implemented new, detailed, contract clauses that protect themselves from any legal implications that might arise in a world still dealing with an active pandemic, as well as others that might materialize in the future. If nothing else, the world has learned that it can, indeed, stop on a dime, if necessity dictates.

When booking events and travel, planners must be fully aware of what the new clauses are in a venue’s contract and relay them, in detail, to the client, so everyone understands what’s on the table. That’s a huge advantage to hiring an expert in event planning! Planners also have to cover themselves in the event of a crisis, so any new wording must also be disclosed to new and past clients at the time of signing.

Risk management also refers the choice of destination and/or venue, since attendees will want to know what to expect before, during, and after the event. Some destinations have very specific guidelines for guests arriving. It’s up to the planner to ensure attendees and clients are fully aware of what those guidelines are and communicate them clearly before booking. While it may seem great if a destination has no limits or guidelines, in terms of safety, travelers definitely want to be reassured that health and safety are first and foremost. If Covid-19 testing is a requirement of all visitors, then travelers need to know this up front so they can comply. Same goes with masks, social distancing regulations, and sanitation. Choose destinations that continue to experience low infection rates and carefully vet venues to ensure they meet safe health standards and expectations. It’s imperative that planners ensure any questions asked by clients and/or attendees are answered fully, to further mitigate risk.
Less Is More

For many people, bigger isn’t necessarily better, especially right now. For companies who are currently working with smaller teams, one of the areas that have been downsized may be meetings and event planning. This is a highly specialized area of business, but by outsourcing to a third party planning company, quality and ROI can actually increase.

One of the things we at S.I.S. know is that many companies are looking for destinations and venues that are closer to home, which involves far less travel, and keeping social distancing in mind, for smaller groups of people. One of the key benefits is a personalized “concierge” type program that suits the specific needs of the client and attendees.

Speaking of social distancing, one of the things to keep in mind when booking a venue is room size and capacity. For example, for a group of 100 people, you may need to book a room for 400, to allow for separation of tables, chairs, podium, and people. To make things fun and interesting, get creative by including “spacers” throughout the room, such as ribbons, balloons, signage, photo props, etc. This helps to make a large space look more inviting, and encourages people to feel more comfortable.

Another important recommendation is that companies reward and incentivize employees at every level. This can be done effectively with easily attainable gifts, such as dinner for two at a wonderful venue, experiential adventures, such as a hot air balloon ride for a specified number of people, or travel to a desired destination. Our extremely popular JustRewards program offers these types of rewards and incentives and more, which means everyone gets to join in the fun, not just the top performers.
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With more and more businesses and services re-opening, we’re ready to begin implementing all the great ideas we’ve been working on for the past several months. For example, it’s been truly exciting to share our destination YouTube videos that Mike Farmer has so artfully put together, as yet another way to share our love of travel, people, and places.

When I think of it, it’s the people and places I’ve missed the most. What most of us crave is connectivity. We want and need to feel connected to other people, and to connect to this planet that sustains us. During the months of self-isolation many of us came to realize that our communities hold tremendous meaning for us, and we want to support those communities and all the small businesses that make such a difference in our day-to-day lives, as much as we can. Travel reminds us there’s a whole world of experiences and connectivity out there, so while we need roots to grow, we also need wings to fly. I pray we all find our roots and wings.
Stephanie McVeigh, CEO & Founder of Strategic Incentive Solutions Inc.

Strategic Incentive Solutions is committed to Supplier Diversity. S.I.S is a certified diversity supplier as a woman-owned business enterprise (WBE) that can assist with your diversity spend requirements.
Wings to show you what you've become, and roots to remind you where you're from.