February 28, 2014

What's Happening at SpiritualityandPractice.com


The search for God. The internal travel series, Global Spirit, is back with two new episodes. This Sunday night, Phil Cousineau's guests are philosopher Jacob Needleman and Sufi teacher Pir Zia Inayat Khan. Our review includes discussion questions and ways to continue the search. Watch this program from anywhere in the world via www.GlobalSpirit.Tv March 2, 6 pm PT / 9 pm ET, and then stay tuned for a Live Web Chat with the program guests.


Spend Lent with a Christian adventurer. Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat have combed through Brian McLaren's books to choose readings for daily reflection and will be adding simple practice suggestions for sharing in the online Practice Circle. Sign up for "Practicing Spirituality with Brian McLaren" here. 


Foundations for contemplative living. Our e-course partners Contemplative Outreach are celebrating their 30-year anniversary with a series of e-courses designed to help you reboot and reinvigorate your contemplative practices. The first one, The Grace of Lent, features videos of Fr. Thomas Keating and other resources. If you would like to be part of the year-round spiritual community exploring more practices and connecting through a Practice Group, sign up for A Path into Divine Love: Celebrating 30 Years of Grace & Gratitude.


♦ Other e-courses formatted for the Lenten season. These four programs are available on-demand; you receive the same content as when they were first run, but there is no Practice Circle. To coincide with the Lenten days, be sure to schedule them to run daily starting on Ash Wednesday. Practicing Spirituality with Thomas Keating. Exploring the Psalms with Barbara Crafton. The Spirituality of the Gospels with Thomas Moore. Practicing Spirituality with Jesus. 


A space for rituals. S&P Senior Editor Darren Polito has started a ritual salon with a group of friends to explore how they can mark both special and ordinary moments in their lives. He's sharing their experiences in a new blog. Read his introduction and a ritual for calling in the directions and elements to get started. 


A master ritual designer. Both Darren and Mary Ann have had the pleasure of participating in rituals created by Barbara Biziou, a new addition to the Living Spiritual Teachers Project. Other new teachers: interfaith minister and Australian bestselling author Stephanie Dowrick, popular retreat leader and prolific writer of spiritual books Margaret Silf, and poet, Benedictine oblate, and spiritual writer Kathleen Norris. See all the teachers. 


Everything is awesome. The box-office hit The Lego Movie is a spiritually literate animated film for people of all ages that affirms that everyone is special and deserving of respect, love, and trust. More films. 


"Sometimes the wrong train will get you to the right station." That's what a Mumbai housewife and a widower nearing retirement discover in The Lunchbox when the meal she's prepared ends up by mistake on his desk.


The challenges of a long-lived marriage. Le Week-End features a couple returning to Paris to the site of their honeymoon.


Prayers of gratitude and concern. In our "Praying the News" blog, we've recently offered prayers for the APOPO HeroRats who help remove landmines, the music of the Beatles, those facing a retirement crisis, those who are sleep deprived, and those returning home from prison. More blog posts. 


Resilience in the face of death. The immersive drama All Is Lost starring Robert Redford is now available on DVD. More DVDs. 


An astronaut's spiritual journey. Gravity, a multiple Academy Award-nominee now on DVD, is a riveting tale of survival capped off by a prayer of gratitude.


Practices for now time. Rezvan Ameli's 25 Lessons in Mindfulness includes a top-notch collection of exercises plus instructions for setting up a regular practice.


Spiritual practices for the workplace. Sharon Salzberg's Real Happiness at Work covers communication and connection, concentration, compassion, and resilience.


Awe and art. The Monuments Men is the true story of a group of art lovers during World War II whose reverence led to their saving priceless paintings and sculptures for the rest of us.


Trust under siege. That's the theme of Omar, a compelling film about terrorism and other unsettling events. Don't miss the "Related Content" interview with director Hany Abu-Assad.


Coping with headaches. Fred is one of the 45 million Americans who suffer from headaches. He shares his strategies in his "Body Spirituality" blog.


Creativity is now an academic discipline. We discuss the reasons behind this development in our "Spiritual Literacy" blog and link to some of our resources on creativity.


"The teacher you need is the person you are living with." That's one of many sayings from Byron Katie in the paperback A Friendly Universe: Sayings to Inspire and Challenge You.

Coming Soon 

12 quotes on Openness. Darren has almost finished created galleries of illustrated inspirational quotes for all the practices in the Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy. Here are the ones he's done so far. 


♦ Dealing with the Monday Morning Blues. We have some simple pratices to help you get your week off to a good start.

Recommended from Our Wisdom Archive

Watch Shakespeare in Love on Netflix streaming, Amazon Instant Video, and DVD. Winner of the "Best Picture" Academy Award in 1998, it's a beautifully realized tribute to the rush of imagination as one of the great creative force fields in the universe.

Watch My Left Foot on Netflix streaming, Amazon Instant Video, and DVD. Daniel Day-Lewis won the Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Christy Brown, who overcame being severely handicapped by cerebral palsy.

Awards night at S&P. The Academy Awards are taking place this weekend in Hollywood, but we've already announced our choices for the Most Spiritually Literate Films of 2013.

Resources for Your Spiritual Journey to Carry You Through the Week

A Proverb to Ponder
"God did not create hurry."
- Finnish Proverb


A Pearl of Wisdom
"You have to be with the work and the work has to be with you.
It absorbs you totally and you absorb it totally."
- Louise Nevelson


A Short Prayer
O God, make us children of quietness,
and heirs of peace."
- St. Clement of Alexandria


A Quotation to Inspire
"Leave results to God."
- Elizabeth Barrett Browning


A Blessing from Us to You
"May all dangers be erased
May all worry and illusions vanish
May you never have any misfortunes
May you have joy and long life."
- from "The Protective Sutras"
in The Art of the Inner Meal by Donald Altman


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