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Honoring children's spirituality. Heaven Is for Real, now in theaters, leaves the question of whether heaven is a physical place a mystery but leaves no doubt as to the importance of listening to and respecting children's spiritual experiences. Also, read an interview with Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso on children's spirituality, and check out our Practicing Spirituality with Children e-course.


Heaven, angels, and the afterlife in the movies. We've chosen our favorite 12 films on this popular theme and created a gallery.


New poll suggests heaven is not believed to be a gated community. This news sparked a prayer in our blog. More blog posts. 


Naming the Days of Holy Week. For Good Friday, we reflect on the gifts of compassion and mercy. On Easter, we use the Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy to explore resurrection as a spiritual practice. More Naming the Days features.  


"Trust the form today takes." Good advice from John O' Donohue in "The Inner History of a Day," one of the poems featured in our daily "Sacred Poetry" section for April, including a series of poems on the events from Maundy Thursday through Easter. By the end of the month you will have 30 to use at work or in the home. Then you might want to check out the 150 sacred poems in our entire collection.


Good news from Spirituality & Practice's Facebook page. A meme we posted with a quotation from Thomas Moore about our being part of the Earth has gone viral. It has been shared almost 19,000 times and reached 1.1 million people! Go here to "like" our Facebook page. 


"Look for God in the faces of others." That's a practice from Marcy Heidish's Soul and the City, a fine book on practicing spiritual literacy in urban areas. More books.  


Yearning for love. Hank and Asha is a very creative film about two twentysomethings who use video messages to communicate with each other; she's in Prague and he's in New York City. See our "Go Deeper" section in the review for commentary on the sharing of intimacies via letters and dialogue.


Are you weighed down by regret? Our "Spiritual Literacy Blog" post titled "The Many Sides to Regret" covers three resources on this volatile emotion.


A dramedy that really clicks. Draft Day, a sports flick, works thanks to a stellar performance by Kevin Costner as the besieged General Manager of the Cleveland Browns pro football team. More films. 


For the love of bears. The latest film in the Disneynature series follows a mother brown bear and her two cubs through the first dangerous year of the babies' lives. Feel free to take the kids because (spoiler alert!) despite some scary moments, they survive.


Have I accomplished anything of lasting worth? If that question intrigues you, take a look at Luci Shaw's Adventure of Ascent: Field Notes from a Lifelong Journey.


More sacramental moments than we know. Brian Doyle explores many of them in The Thorny Grace of It, a collection of essays on his Catholic experiences.


A wise, witty, and romantic couple who just happen to be vampires. Only Lovers Left Alive is a very appealing film directed by Jim Jarmusch. We also recommend reading Vampires Are Us by Margot Adler; she contends that vampires draw out our deepest feelings about longevity, desire, addiction, and hope.


A call to action. We reported in our "Spiritual Literacy Blog" on the U.N. Report on Climate Change, reading it as a challenge to spiritual activists to work in collaboration with the organizations addressing this threat to the world as we know it. We also offer a prayer about climate change. 


Learning the hard lessons of letting go. In At Middleton, a new DVD release, two middle-agers meet as strangers and come face-to-face with their own irritating and endearing character qualities. More DVDs. 


A movie about faith, forgiveness, love, and hope. Philomena, one of the most spiritually literate films of 2014, is now available on DVD.


Insights into the mystical path. Julian of Norwich: Selections from Revelations of Divine Love - Annotated & Explained by Mary Earle is a new volume in the SkyLight Illuminations series.


Saying "Yes" to life. Here's a great teaching story about Yoko Ono we learned from Victor Parachin.

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♦ Reviews of new books: A handy spiritual formation resource by Robert Wicks; insights on obstacles on the spiritual path by Ezra Bayda; and walking in the dark by Barbara Brown Taylor.


♦ Just what we need! A healing art that fills us with energy. In a new book, Bradford and Hillary Keeney provide an enthusiastic and imaginative overview of Seiki Jutsu, the energetic lifeforce, along with daily exercises to keep it flowing and growing.


♦ A Gallery of Portraits of Priests, Nuns, and Clergy in movies. We've chosen some favorite films to accompany our review of the BBC TV series "Rev." which can now be streamed online.

Recommended from Our Wisdom Archive 

Discover perspectives on Jesus. We've collected 50 books about the man from Nazareth.


Prepare for Earth Day. It's April 22, and we suggest some practices you will want to plan to do with your friends and family. We especially like the idea of organizing a "Council of Beings" with a community group or setting up a "Wonder Table" in your home.


The spring migration of birds has begun. Mary Ann will soon be watching for warblers in Central Park. We invite you to check out the resources on these messengers of ineffable joy on our Birds topic page.


Resources for Your Spiritual Journey to Carry You Through the Week

A Proverb to Ponder
"Every heart has its own ache."
- English Proverb


A Pearl of Wisdom
"We meet ourselves time and time again
in a thousand disguises on the path of life."
- C. J. Jung


A Short Prayer
"Give me an openness of heart,
a willingness of mind
to meet the stark necessity
of crying humankind."
- from Timeless Prayers for Peace
edited by Geoffrey Duncan


A Quotation to Inspire
"It is not difficult to be bold when one is young.
The finest audacity is that at the end of life."
- Andre Gide


A Blessing from Us to You
"In darkness as in light, may the Holy One seek
and call us to bear Her Life in the world.
In darkness as in light, may we hear,
and bear, and bear each other up.
Blessings on you."
- from Birthings and Blessings
edited by Rosemary Catalano Mitchell & Gail Anderson Ricciuti

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