S'more Glory!

Hello, fellow Christmas lovers!

This is S'more the Elf!
Do you love to climb trees? I DO!
This hanging tree of Glory Haus Ball Ornaments is especially fun! We are so proud to carry this line of ornaments. The mission of Glory Haus is "Community transformation that glorifies the Lord and changes lives through our work, art and relationships." These bright, fun, and funky ornaments are perfect for personalization. This company created the Pickles with a Purpose that uses all proceeds to build homes for the homeless. The ball ornaments even come in their own special gift box!

Glory Haus looks great however you decide to hang them. There are so many ways to hang ornaments and so many types of trees to hang them on and so many trees in this shoppe for ME to hang on!
Have you ever seen people hang their ornaments like the balls in the picture? It's a great way to have a Christmas tree in a small area. You could hang them from nails on a wall or by ribbon from the ceiling. And you can put this magical flying tree ANYWHERE you have a wall or ceiling. We've seen people tie yarn to nails on a pallet or wall to make the shape of a tree and then hang the ornaments from it. Or, some people paint the pallet to look like a child's drawing of a tree. Then, you just hang the ornaments on your Flat Stanley Tree with nails or cup hooks. It looks like so much fun!...

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