S2aying Strong!
Hi, everyone.

Well, seems it's time for the hardest workers in squash to get back to the grind!

Starting Wednesday we will be kicking off S2 Squash Online Academy! We will use ZOOM as our new online home and our meeting ID will always be 499-499-2222. Additionally you'll need a code which will be delivered on our new Instagram page - s2squashonlineacademy. The page is closed, so you'll need to request permission.to follow and get the codes and additional information.

Our first online squads will be Wednesday at 3:00pm, and Saturday at 3:00pm. Wednesday's squad will be an introduction to our curriculum and the general concept of S2 Online Squads. Saturday's Squad is a Fitness Testing session and you'll receive details about what you'll need to do to prepare. If anyone has a timing conflict, please reach out to us by responding to this email and we can always adjust and evolve for next week and beyond.

Additionally, we are running a Thursday 3:00pm SAS Conditioning Squad. For those of you who are familiar with Scoz90x - welcome back. For everyone else, surprise, surprise, surprise. It'll be a lot of fun, but quite strenuous... :)

All the coaches are looking forward to kicking off on Wednesday and keep in mind this is just the start to our S2 Online Academy. We will be back on the courts as soon as is responsible, and let's make sure we're prepared for that time!

Reminders that we are still monitoring all the latest from Federal and State Governments, along with the CDC and will be ready to roll (it out) as soon as we are given the all clear. You should be working out, within CDC guidelines and 20-40 minutes of daily physical activity will keep you in a range. Our blog has some great suggestions for workouts, or email your coach for some specifics with nutritional advice or reading recommendations alongside our makeshift fitness regimes!

Finally, remember, we're still the S2 family, we're just quarantining separately and we'll be ready to get it done when we get the all clear!

See y'all soon!

The S2 Coaches
Zoom - S2's way forwards
S2 Squash will be using Zoom for our new interactive curriculum. We appreciate that almost everyone has already used the platform, but we include a link below for you to check out and as always, reply to this email with any questions! Let's goooooooooooooo!

S2 Spotlight - THE BLOG
S2 Squash has a very groovy blog, and now might be the time to check it out! We have a few months worth of content there, as well as frequent updates, such as our Quaren-

S2aying onit...
Workout of the week!
Try this one out from Coach Danielle! High Intensity Interval Training has been the backbone of our S2 conditioning throughout the years and this is a great home version of one of Danielle's off court training sessions!
As with everything in your exercise life, warmups and stretching/rollering afterwards is crucial! Any questions, reply to this email and we'll set you straight!