S2range Times!
Hi, everyone.

Wow, we miss SQUASH and seeing the S2 family on a daily basis! This pandemic is going to change a lot of things in the days ahead, and - as the game of squash is always teaching us - we are already thinking about how to modify and adapt our training routines at S2 to keep safety as our top priority in this new world. It's a great parallel about why we love squash so much, it's a great metaphor for life in teaching us how to adapt, change and persevere.

We are monitoring all the latest from Federal and State Governments, along with the CDC and will be ready to roll (it out) as soon as we are given the all clear. Until then we can keep in touch, either via our S2 Squash social media or via text and email.

We would encourage everyone to continue to work out, within CDC guidelines. 20-40 minutes of daily physical activity will keep you in shape enough to kick it when we can return... we rest and we rust... move it and don't lose it. If you'd like ideas, look at the links below, or email your coach directly for nutritional advice or reading recommendations alongside our makeshift fitness regimes!

Keep an eye out for the continuation of our player spotlights. In the midst of so much devastating news, we will continue to highlight our players on social media to add some much needed positivity and to keep reminding us all that the good days weren't so far behind, and most importantly - that our best days lie ahead.

Finally, remember, we're still the S2 family, we're just quarantining separately and we'll be ready to get it done when we get the all clear!

See y'all soon!

The S2 Coaches
US Squash Release
US Squash put out a very clear message regarding the suspension of the tour and ranking ramifications. We appreciate that a lot has happened in the past couple of weeks, so it may be worth checking out the details again.

S2 Social Media Spotlight
S2 Squash is on all social media, but our Insta account is the one closest to our hearts. Almost three thousands posts, over a thousand followers and a million memories. The insta story pops every day and we always welcome contributions... Check out Coach Lyall and Coach Sam's contributions this past week for some awesome ideas!

S2aying fit...
Paul's workout of the week!
Try this one out from one of Coach Paul's favorite coaches in the fitness world!

Tony Horton was the driving force behind the P90x world, which then morphed slightly in our programming to our Scoz90x. Scoz90x was one of the best and brightest parts of our morning workouts in our away camps for many years!

As with everything in your exercise life, warmups and stretching/rollering afterwards is crucial! Any questions, reply to this email and we'll set you straight!