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A Quarterly Publication of the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council
Winter 2020
On Point - The Council Chair's Perspective
Council Chair Jessica McCawley welcomes John Carmichael as the Council's new Executive Director and notes how readers can follow the latest issues being addressed by the Council as we move into 2020.
MyFishCount 2020 - Recreational reporting project enters third year with upgrades and endorsements
Anglers and fishery managers have a least one thing in common - they both want to ensure access to fisheries while sustaining healthy populations for the future. See how MyFishCount is improving and how you can get involved.
Council to Address Proposed Changes to Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
Hurricanes, coral disease, boat groundings, rising ocean temperatures, pollution, and increasing human interactions all pose threats to the Florida Keys. See how measures to reduce threats and restore important habitats may impact fisheries management, and get the latest on upcoming Council discussions. Learn More
Vision Blueprint for Snapper Grouper Fishery Results in Regulation Changes
Effective February 26, 2020 new regulations will go into place for the commercial snapper grouper fishery. These changes are based on input received as part of the Council's Vision Blueprint, a long-term plan to address fishery needs. Recreational changes are proposed as well.
Gregg Waugh - a lifetime career dedicated to the fishery management process
After a nearly 40-year career with the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council, Gregg Waugh is recognized for his achievements and his role in improving fisheries management.
From the Executive Director's Desk
Get to know John Carmichael, the Council's new Executive Director as he takes the helm and writes his first column for the South Atlantic Update.
March 2-6, 2020 Council Meeting Highlights
The Council's next meeting will take place March 2-6, 2020 in Jekyll Island, Georgia. Agenda items include proposed changes in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, continued discussions on regulations for adopting bullet and frigate mackerel as Ecosystem Component Species, shark predation, and allocations.
Interest Growing in the Citizen Science Program's SAFMC Release Mobile App
Data collection through the SAFMC Scamp Release mobile app, the Council's initial Citizen Science pilot project, continues. See how other agencies plan to utilize the app's design to collect fisheries data as interest in the project expands. Learn More - and see how you can get involved!
Regulation Reminders

  • New regulations for red grouper are effective March 9, 2020 and include extending the spawning season closure for red grouper in federal waters off of North Carolina and South Carolina through the month of May (this applies to both commercial and recreational fisheries). A 200-pound commercial trip limit will also go into place in the South Atlantic region. Fishery Bulletin

  • The commercial longline component of the golden tilefish fishery is closed effective February 18, 2020. The fishery reopens January 1, 2021. Fishery Bulletin

  • The Fate of Released Fish is in Our Hands - Captain Spud Woodward's featured article in Sportfishing Magazine is a good reminder for all fishermen. Spud also serves as a representative from Georgia on the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council.

  • See how research being conducted at NC State University's Center for Marine Science and Technology is giving new insight on the fate of released fish, to more accurately estimate death rates (a crucial factor in fisheries management) and improve survival of discards. Coastal Review Online

  • Congratulations to Jimmy Hull, Snapper Grouper Advisory Panel member and owner of Hull's Seafood Restaurant and Market in Ormond Beach, Florida on being named Senate Small Business of the Week by Senator Mark Rubio.