Kim, Sarah & Kate at Best of Philly Style
Wow! It's August....I hope you are still enjoying the beach and (if you're in Philadelphia) the little breaks of nice weather.  Here at SA VA we flipped the switch yesterday on a 
brand new store - full of early Fall 2013 - our Modern Architect Collection.  
One of the most exciting things about this year is the team we have here at SA VA, Kim our Brand Manager and I descended on the store with a compact SUV full of fresh new looks, Kate and Elaine were there to help us unpack, merchandise it, tag it and make it look spectacular. So much fun!  
Take a look at the collection, what is here now and coming this Fall. 
This collection was inspired by modern urban architecture that captures simplification of form and its existence within an historic and postmodern context of a city.  I was very very interested in the timelessness of the era that rings true in the silhouettes that you will see throughout the line.  Raw creativity, building or repurposing, it's something we do so well here in Philadelphia and what I feel like I have done as an entrepreneur and designer this season.  I wanted the collection to be immersed in what is true to our brand and use new what will carry us forward. 

The collection combines distinct angles and textures with the brand's social mission ever present in the use of responsibly sourced and recycled textiles.  Keynotes in the collection are the intentional use of leather accents, exposed zippers, textured knits and flattering sophisticated shapes.


The color palette is soft and muted with bright pops of accent colors including magenta and of course this season's hot color green translated in very wearable formats both in our collection and in accessories. 
We are in the mood to celebrate this and summer and all of the other great things happening.  Hope you can join us!

You're invited to....


Celebrating the launch of MODERN ARCHITECT

August 14th 5-7p.m.

please rsvp


If you can't make it on the 14th, I invite you to come pop in and take a look at the new Collection and if you are wondering what happened to that summer sale - We are embarking on one of our famous Second Floor $39 or less sales!  You can't beat it and there are still some great things up there!
Thank you, as always for your support!  Hope to see you soon at SA VA.
Our famous 
begins now!

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