SABA-NC Statement on Humanitarian Crisis in Aleppo

The stories coming out of Aleppo are alarming and tragic.  The untenable and violent situation in Aleppo has persisted despite continued efforts from around the world urging both sides to agree to a cease fire and end the suffering of the innocent civilians residing in Aleppo. Along with the majority of the international community, we strongly condemn the indiscriminate bombing and assaults occurring in Aleppo and any actions designed to inhibit or otherwise impede humanitarian and other aid efforts being given to those suffering in Aleppo. 

We believe it is important to urge our leaders to take actions, but also to contribute ourselves. Please consider donating to the relief efforts to help the many innocent civilians and refugees in Syria.  Below, for convenience, please find some links to organizations giving aid in Syria.

  • UNHCR - Help Syrian Refugees Receive Emergency Aid (Donation Link)