SABA-NC Statement on Immigration Executive Order

The South Asian Bar Association of Northern California strongly condemns President Trump's executive order stopping all refugees from entering the United States and halting entry into the United States from seven Muslim-majority countries. These discriminatory and inhumane actions are an assault on the very fabric of our country, and have had an immediate and devastating impact on hundreds of families. Within hours of the ban being enacted, numerous accounts emerged about lawful residents being denied entry into the United States, being detained for hours at ports of entry, and, in some cases, being deported to regions where violent conflict exists.

All across the country, attorneys rushed to their nearest airport, ready to help however they could. We are proud that the Bay Area was no different, and that there were many attorneys, including a number of SABA-NC members, who answered the call to action.

We also realize that statements alone are insufficient. For that reason, SABA-NC is committed to a number of concrete actions. First, we are working with a national firm to prepare a training for attorneys on immigration issues that will help enable every willing attorney, regardless of their legal background, to provide legal assistance to community members. Second, we are partnering with AABA and other community organizations to provide legal assistance (beyond our normal pro bono clinics) and to present Know Your Rights programs for the community. We will announce details for each of these events on our webpage, Facebook page, and newsletter. Finally, through the SABA-NC Foundation, we will be making a contribution to the  National Immigration Law Center so that they can continue the work they have been doing in providing legal resources and assistance to immigrants.

If you would like to volunteer or know someone that needs legal assistance, please  contact us. We welcome any and all member input as we continue to navigate this new landscape.