Volume XI | December 2023

Words from the Manager Björn Porlein, Interview with Ginna Lindberg, Foreign Correspondent Washington D.C and founder of the podcast "USAPodden", Interns testimonial and Washington Capitals game.

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Words from the Manager Björn Porlein

Dear Members of SACC-DC,

As the year draws to a close, we are excited to present our December newsletter. This issue celebrates our collective achievements over the past year and offers a glimpse into the exciting opportunities that 2024 holds!

The year 2023 was eventful for SACC-DC. We kicked off with the Nordic Innovation and Sustainability Forum in April, a successful initiative we repeated in November. Our collaboration with the Norwegian and Finnish chambers of commerce has been fruitful, and we look forward to its continuation. Key events of the year included the Crayfish Party in September, co-hosted with Volvo, and our 35th Annual Golf Tournament, generously supported by several sponsors, including our platinum sponsor, Nammo. Besides these, we organized numerous happy hours, Young Professionals gatherings, company visits, and more.

As we start planning for 2024, we are keen to include your valuable insights - Your participation as a member is crucial in shaping an exciting year ahead! Please share your event preferences and ideas for the upcoming year by reaching out to us at [email protected]. With your feedback, we hope to make 2024 a remarkable year for all of us!

Lastyl, we invite you to explore our newly launched [WEBSITE], where you can view photos from this year's events and find information about our upcoming 2024 activities. Also, don't forget to follow us on social media to stay updated on future events.

Thank you for your significant contribution to the SACC-DC community.

Warm regards,

Björn Porlein

Interview: Ginna Lindberg, Foreign Correspondent Washington D.C and founder of the podcast "USAPodden"

Can you tell us about your career path from university to where you are now? 

I always knew I wanted to become a journalist, but did not get into the journalism program at university. Instead, I started studying the program for cultural sciences in Lund, and later heard about a community college in Skurup, Skåne, that I got accepted to. It was the best educational decision I have ever made, a fantastic one-year journalism program with a strong practical focus. We had radio lessons and as soon as we started with that, I realized that this is what I wanted to do. After that, I did an internship at Radio Malmöhus, which eventually led me to a permanent job. After a year there, I got a temporary position at “Ekot” (Swedish Public Service Radio for news) in Stockholm. Since then, I have worked with almost everything at “Ekot. I always knew I was interested in foreign affairs, so I started with a temporary position as Correspondent in London, worked in the Middle East and other places, and later got the position as US Correspondent based in Washington D.C from 2007 to 2013. For the past 10 years, I have been Head of Foreign News with the Swedish Radio, and now I am back as a US Correspondent and Bureau Chief in Washington D.C. What I find most exciting is reporting from the field. It’s the most rewarding and exciting assignment, being at the forefront, meeting people, meeting those in power, traveling around, trying to understand what is happening in this large, exciting country, and conveying it to the audience.

How do you decide where to go/which campaigns to cover? How do you filter your choices?

Firstly, there are two correspondents here in the U.S., so it is me and my colleague based in San Francisco, Roger Wilson. So, Roger and I talk every day, discussing how to cover things, who should go where, should we both go, how do we divide it, what stories should we prioritize. We try to plan so that we cover both parties, ensuring coverage of different political issues to provide various perspectives. We can have very detailed plans about what to do, but then something happens, and I have to drop everything and go there. I always have my bag packed with my passport and recorder inside. But that is also part of what makes it fun. Regarding covering different parties, we will structure it more when the election approaches. But right now, there is a lot of reporting on the Republicans' campaign since the Democratic one is mostly settled, with Joe Biden already announcing his candidacy. For example, I was at the debate in Miami, and we will go to the major primaries in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and on Super Tuesday. Then we will see how long the campaign lasts before it becomes clear who the candidate for the Republican party will be. 

Interest in the U.S - What sparked your interest in U.S. politics?

It goes way back to when I was a kid. I have always been fascinated by the U.S because Sweden is influenced by the U.S in so many ways. We are entirely influenced by the U.S. in terms of popular culture, movies, series, music, and politics. U.S politics affect us, and so does U.S. foreign policy. The U.S. economy has domino effects on us. We have to constantly relate to the U.S, and that makes it incredibly exciting. 

Can you tell us about the most interesting interview you have done?

I have met and interviewed many exciting people; I have interviewed Jimmy Carter, shook hands with Obama, talked to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, which are very significant people, and it is always exciting. But what sticks with me the most are meetings with ordinary people. That is the best thing about being a journalist, being able to ask any questions to anyone. Here in the U.S many people want to respond, they have exciting stories, and want to express their opinions. It is when you meet ordinary voters and ordinary people that you get the best understanding of this country and see the puzzle pieces in a different way. My job is to report impartially, provide facts, and then it is up to the listeners to take a stance. It is my job to scrutinize facts, ask counter-questions, be critical.

How did it go when you started your Swedish podcast “USAPodden”?

In the fall of 2015, as the 2016 election year approached, podcasts started becoming popular. I had a lot of contact with listeners, especially listeners who knew a lot about American politics. I kept thinking about them, and if they got enough information from the Swedish radio. So, I went to my bosses and suggested that I should do a podcast about the primaries, presenting it as a series. A certain number of episodes were agreed upon. I asked mu colleague Sara Stenholm to be the host and then we started. We named it “USAvalpodden” (USA elections podcast). By spring, it was clear that the candidate Donald Trump, was leading the primaries. Then it started to become incredibly exciting, and we could not stop. We gained more and more listeners every week. When the primaries were over, we thought we would continue until the election was over. But when the election was over, and Trump was elected, we really could not stop. After that, we chose to change the name to “USAPodden” (The USA podcast). We have a lot of contact with listeners, and we have around 100,000 listeners per week.

Lessons, personal/professional, to share with young aspiring professionals.

I am very glad I started on a local radio station because I believe in starting in small contexts. I learned very much from working at a local radio station like Radio Malmöhus. Fundamentally, it is the same job as working on a regional or national radio station, being out, having a plan for the day but being ready to change it. In a relatively small setting, you get a chance to do big things. My second piece of advice is about passion. If you find the job fun and the challenges exciting, then it will not be difficult to work, then it will be fun. 

Who would be your dream interview?

I would love to interview Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Or one of the judges in the Supreme Court, but also many in the Senate. 

Which is your favorite city in the U.S?

It is Washington D.C of course. DC is about the size of Gothenburg, you can bike everywhere. I love that you can see the sky everywhere because nothing is allowed to be higher than the Congress. It is a world city, but also small enough that you run into people you know on a regular basis. 

Which is your favorite state in the U.S? 

I can’t name only one. I love traveling in Louisiana. New Orleans is very nice. I also like Colorado a lot. I love that there are so many perspectives in the US, in everything from scenery to politics. 



This past year at SACC-DC has provided me with immense personal and professional growth. I am very thankful for the opportunity to take part of this invaluable experience, where I have had the unique opportunity to work in a truly international environment as well as gaining valuable experience through my phase-two internship with AstraZeneca.

My tenure at SACC-DC has been a transformative experience. I am very thankful for the organization’s commitment to professional growth and my possibility to take part of a cultural exchange that has allowed me to develop skills that extend beyond the confines of a traditional internship. The inspiring board members and diverse network of professionals at SACC-DC have provided me with professional skills and memories that will last a lifetime. The mentorship and guidance I received at SACC-DC has been instrumental in my professional development. The colleagues I had the privilege of working with were incredibly supportive and took a genuine interest in my development and helping my professional growth. I am now leaving SACC-DC with a profound sense of accomplishment, and I am confident that the experiences and connections that I have forged during this time will continue to shape my career positively as they have during the time that I have been here. I want to extend a sincere thank you to the entirety of the SACC-DC team and board of directors, especially Anna Åsberg who provided me with the great opportunity to intern at AstraZeneca, where I have been able to partake in truly inspiring work and learn from talented professionals in an exciting and fast-paced environment. 


Working as a Business Development Intern has been both enriching and enjoyable. Throughout my internship, I have had the privilege of participating in three distinct SACC-DC events: the Crayfish Party, SACC-DC Open, and the Sustainability and Innovation Forum. My responsibilities has been spanned over various assignments, encompassing marketing, content creation, project management, newsletter production, attendance at board meetings, and more.

One of the most gratifying aspects of this internship was the creation of newsletters, where I had the opportunity to interview such inspiring individuals such as Michael Andersson, Jasmin Utter, Per Cedergren and Ginna Lindberg. Another significant aspect has been the close collaboration with the board, affording valuable insights from individuals with extensive industry experience. Above all that I have learned, the experience of living in Washington D.C. for six months has been incredibly enjoyable. This was heightened by the companionship with the 14 other interns at the Chamber, getting to know everyone and collectively exploring Washington D.C. and the U.S together has been tremendous fun. I am also grateful for my boss, Björn, and my two colleagues, David and Mathias, for sharing this experience with me.



On the 20th of December, SACC-DC, together with young professionals and individual members, had the chance to see our valued member, the Washington Capitals, beat the New York Islanders at Capital One Arena. Not only did we get the chance to see them, but we also got to have a backstage tour and played "broomball" on the ice right after the Capitals had left. We want to extend a big thank you to the Washington Capitals, and we hope to get the chance to see more games in the future!


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