Volume X| November 2023

Words from the Manager Björn Porlein, Nordic Sustainability and Innovation Forum, Interview with Chairman Elect Per Cedergren, Young Professionals, Upcoming SACC-DC events and Member updates.

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Words from the Manager Björn Porlein

Dear SACC-DC Community,

I am happy to share with you November's events. We had the honor of hosting our second Nordic Innovation and Sustainability event at the Norwegian Embassy. This event was a joint effort with the Norwegian and Finnish Chambers of Commerce, focusing on sustainable packaging solutions. The panelists and speakers were exceptional, and I invite you to view the photo highlights of these engaging discussions [HERE].

Additionally, our Young Professional Network had a remarkable visit to the World Bank, hosted by our Swedish colleagues at the organization. This visit offered valuable insights into the World Bank's operations and a unique opportunity to explore their offices firsthand.

We hope this issue of e-Currents will captivate and educate you. Enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Warm regards,

Björn Porlein


On October 12th we hosted this autumns Nordic Innovation and Sustainability Forum with the theme "Nordic Sustainable Packaging" together with NorCham Washington DC and Finnish American Chamber of Commerce - New York at the Norwegian Embassy in Washington, D.C..

We would like to extend a big thank you to all our speakers Anniken Krutnes, Jim LaneDavid Livingstone, Ulla Lainio, Jasmin Utter, Kelly Tiller, Karama Neal, Michael Hodges, Stephen Jordan, Bjørn Arild Thon, Dennis CalvertMike Noel. We also express our appreciation to everyone who attended the event. See pictures from the event [HERE].

Interview: Per Cedergren, Chairman Elect SACC-USA

Could you tell our readers about your work at Cimplement and your role there? 

 I have been working in this field for 30 years. What I do is help people trigger desired reactions from others. We enhance the ability to provoke desired responses, whether applied internally for leadership or externally for sales and negotiations, leading to the creation of more client projects. The strength lies in the pedagogy, constructing exercises where individuals realize how they act—both positively and less so—and then train to act even smarter. The pedagogy aims to reveal mindsets, train in using the right mindset, and offer various exercises to enhance performance. We primarily work with firms as EY, Price Waterhouse, KPMG—firms where human behavior is crucial, and they have the financial means for training. Best practice is four days spread over four months. For the past 15 years in Europe, the company has been called Coaching for Performance, while in the USA, it is known as Cimplement, standing for Corporate Culture Implementation. It is a exciting job to uncover how people act and train them to do it better. 


Transitioning from the position of President at the regional chamber SACC Florida to Chairman for the umbrella organization SACC-USA represents a significant shift in responsibilities. Could you elaborate on this transition and the aspects that motivated or influenced your decision? 

It began when my wife and I joined SACC Florida for the the community of Swedes. As a gift of joining, I conducted a leadership course with the SACC Florida board. A year later, they asked me to join the board, and two days after that, they asked me to be the board chairman. I served as chairman for four years, 2018-2022. Despite the pandemic, it was enjoyable due to the fantastic mix of professional and social activities in the board. I believe it is crucial that in a voluntary organization, it must be enjoyable. 


Becoming chairman of SACC-USA has the significant advantage of working with Karin Hammar. My main role is to be her sounding board, ensuring she feels this is right and prioritizes the right things. It involves policy matters on a different level. In the past year, I served as chairman-elect, essentially a trainee to the current chairman for a year. My work will focus on that we are not entirely dependent on a large event for revenue and strengthening our presence in Sweden. I will also handle the relationship between Business Sweden and the chamber, by complementing each other instead of competing with each other. The chamber's strength lies in having 20 chambers throughout the USA, contacts nationwide, or as Karin Hammar puts it, "tightly knit network". 


What do you like most about Florida? 

The easiness that exists in Florida. We live in the Florida Keys, Caribbean islands halfway between Miami and Key West. There are many excellent restaurants and the water is very beautiful. It is a tourist paradise, for better or worse. 


What is your favorite place in Washington D.C? 

It is House of Sweden. It is a tremendous asset for Sweden.



On November 10th we had a company visit at The World Bank headquarters here in Washington D.C, together with our Young Professionals! We got to learn about the organization's interesting history, how the organization is structured, and what their main projects are. A big thank you to The World Bank and Amira El-Bidawi and Martin Holmberg for hosting us!

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On December 20th at 7.30 PM, our SACC-DC member, the Washington Capitals, invites you to a hockey night at the Capital One Arena as they take on the New York Islanders. Sign up [HERE]

We will meet up at Astro Beer Hall at 5 PM before the game.

Additionally, Washington Capitals has given SACC-DC the opportunity to invite 20 people to play "Broomball" on the ice after the game. Do you want to join? Buy tickets and send an email to [email protected]

Don't miss this opportunity to join us for an unforgettable evening of hockey!



We are delighted to announce our new members, Teledyne Flir!

Teledyne FLIR pioneers, manufactures, and delivers cutting-edge technologies elevating perception and awareness. Their innovative sensing solutions, encompassing thermal imaging, visible-light imaging, video analytics, measurement and diagnostics, and advanced threat detection systems, seamlessly integrate into daily life.

Welcome Teledyne Flir!


Nominate your company for the SACC USA Business Award 2023-2024

The Swedish business community is well represented in the USA and contributes significantly to Swedish prosperity. That's why SACC USA presents an award to recognize these important companies. “Don't forget to register your company by April 8, 2024,” says André Persson, Jury Chair for the SACC USA Business Award.

SACC USA Business Award highlights fast-growing Swedish companies in the critical US market. The award's winner is presented once a year at the SACC USA Executive Forum, where the award-winning company’s CEO also gets to be a Key-Note Speaker worth 20,000 US dollars and highlighted in leading Swedish business daily, Dagens Industri. André Persson is the Jury Chair leading the esteemed Jury, and we asked him a few questions.

Why do we need the SACC USA Business Award? 

The simple answer is: They build the Swedish brand, create jobs, and contribute to Swedish welfare. We thought it was time to highlight these fantastic companies and the people affiliated with them.

How do you get nominated?

Anyone can nominate a Swedish company based here in the US. To be selected by the Jury, you must meet the criteria. You can read more about them on our website, where you also make the nomination

Is there anything particular to pay attention to for this year's SACC USA Business Award? 

Yes, we will, of course, continue to address fast-growing Swedish SMEs. But ahead, the nominations will also be based on the company's four most recent annual reports, where the turnover in 2022 must have doubled since 2019. Another important criterion I would like to highlight is that most employees should be in the United States. We feel it is important to point out that Swedish companies create jobs here in the US. 

Is there a deadline for nominations?

Yes, there is. Don't forget to register your company by April 8, 2024. We encourage everyone to act promptly to ensure their candidate's consideration, and we will continuously highlight those who are becoming nominated. So don’t miss the opportunity to get the publicity. We're looking forward to celebrating the achievements of Swedish companies in the U.S. and recognizing their vital role in building prosperity.


News From SACC-USA And The Embassy

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