July 2021
We are looking forward to seeing many of you again in person throughout 2021. Our annual Golf Tournament is less than a month away and will take place on September 28. It is a great way to make connections in the international community.

We are looking forward to hosting our annual Lucia Gala in December. Sponsorship Opportunities are available for both events. Please reach out to me for more information about sponsorship opportunities. Many of our members take the opportunity to sponsor Lucia Gala for the exposure and also enjoy taking their employees and friends to this event.

It is always wonderful to see when our members make business connections through our network. Recently our member Mike Blake hosted Dan Erling, CEO of SACC GA member Accountants One, on his podcast. Their insightful discussion on business succession is linked below.

Many of our SACC GA members are currently hiring. Some of those positions can be found below. If your company is hiring we would love to include it in our next newsletter.

Ida Pond
Executive Director SACC GA

September 28, 2021
Swedish Dutch Golf Tournament
September 30, 2021
Executive Forum 2021
SACC USA Member Price: $1500
Non-Member Price: $3000

The Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce of the United States of America (SACC-USA) cordially invites you to our flagship event, the Executive Forum, on September 30, 2021, in Washington D.C. The event is held in collaboration with the Embassy of Sweden in House of Sweden. This year’s theme – Business and Trade Opportunities under the Biden Administration – will give the latest insights in business and politics.

To conclude the day, a cocktail and dinner reception will be hosted by H.E. Karin Olofsdotter, Ambassador of Sweden to the United States. Attendees are also invited to enjoy a dinner cruise along the Potomac River, the evening before the event, September 29.
The Executive Forum is a premier networking event and an outstanding platform to meet the broader Swedish-American business and diplomat community as well as key policymakers.

Want to participate? Please register by sending an e-mail to

November 3-4, 2021
SACC Summit Pheonix, AZ
-Save the date-
December 18, 2021
Lucia Gala

Feature Friday: Nina Maja Bergmar and Tycho Stahl
The Nordic Crawfish Company
We found the Nordic Crawfish Company on Instagram and thought with August coming up, it'd be a great opportunity to learn more about the tradition of Swedish Crawfish Parties and their company! We interviewed Martin, the founder of the Nordic Crawfish Company to find out more about Swedish Crawfish parties and his company. He was also kind enough to give us a PROMO CODE for the SACC network.
Can you explain what Swedish Crawfish Parties are? Consuming crayfish in Sweden dates back all the way to the 1500´s when it was seen as a delicacy among the roayals. They used to harvest the crayfish from the moats around castles and serve to family members and guests during festivities. Today crayfish is enjoyed all over Scandinavia and is especially popular in the late summer months and into fall during crayfish fishing season, which is highly regulated. So it´s like any holiday, very anticipated and celebrated with lots of other foods and alcohol. The crayfish is cooked whole in a brine of crown dill, salt, sugar, and sometimes beer. So that is the main ingredient. Then we usually complement with baguette, crisp bread, strong cheese, and a pie. With that there is usually a big offering of alcoholic beverages. The party is often held outside and we wear silly hats and bibs and decorate the tables with table cloths and grafitti. All with crayfish themed designs. And then there are the songs of course. There is usually a song book at each crayfish party where we sing different songs. The more alcohol available, the more singing usually!
What is the idea behind your company and how did you get into the crawfish business? 
I am originally from Sweden. When I lived in Huskvarna Sweden I used to work as a crayfisherman for a commercial fishing company. As commercial fishermen we were allowed to start fishing much earlier than the private fishermen. I grew up on Lake Vättern, which is famous for big signal crayfish. And this is the same crayfish species we offer at Nordic Crayfish today. However, Nordic Crayfish Company is a fairly new venture. I have 2 other businesses: Scandinavian North is a gift shop with 2 locations. One in Mall of America in Minnesota, and one in Stillwater. Here we sell gifts, home decor, jewelry, clothing, and other things with a Scandinavian flare. My other business is Scandi Experience. This is a travel business that we advertise from our gift stores. We organize trips every year to Scandinavia and bring americans over on guided tours. When these two businesses were forced to temporarily shut down in 2019 I started Nordic Crayfish Company. So it was a result of covid, and so far we are off to a great start!

What products are your big sellers? 
Definitely our whole boiled signal crayfish. The signal crayfish is the biggest kind, but also the most expensive. Next year we have plans on offering the Louisiana crayfish and cook it in the same traditional recipe with dill. This will bring the price down quite a bit, hopefully enabling us to offer the product in the grocery stores in the future.
What is your vision for the Nordic Crayfish Company? Other than offering a less expensive main product for next year we also have plans for other crayfish products, such as crayfish soup, crayfish enchillada, and crayfish pizza. We are hoping to get our prices down enough so that we can enter the freezer aisle at some select grocery stores. We plan to start in the mid-west, and if successful we are hoping to grow from there. Our products will always still be available to order directly from our website

What do you like most about the Nordic Crayfish Company? 
What I like the most is the incredible response we have received with our customers. We cook according to a 500 year old recipe and getting complements on the product and flavor is most rewarding.

Is there anything else you would like to include in this interview? 
Feel free to check out, my other company, if you need gift ideas or looking for Scandinavian products for you and your home.

Visit their webpage here.
Podcast with Mike Blake and Dan Erling
SACC GA member Mike Blake interviews SACC GA member Dan Erling on the Decision Vision Podcast.

Dan Erling became CEO of Accountants One suddenly when his father died in 2010. As the sales director, Dan was embedded in the business but without a plan to take over. He and host Mike Blake chart the course of Accountants One from that point, and Dan shares his insights on what it takes to inherit a business, lucky breaks, things he would have done differently, how the business eventually flourished, and much more. Decision Vision is presented by Brady Ware & Company.
Swedish Companies Hiring
Sinch is hiring a partner development coordinator in Atlanta, Georgia. Sinch is in the information and technology services industry, and is based out of Atlanta, GA.
Read more here!
NEFAB is hiring a production supervisor in Greenville, South Carolina. This is a full-time position that will manage a team of 30 employees and report to the General Manager.

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Internship Opportunity
Internship Opportunity for American graduate/student - Data Analyst Trainee at H&M

Are you eager to learn and do you want to help guide the strategic direction of H&M using insights from analyses and data? Does the amount of data that is generated from thousands of stores, online touchpoints, and millions of customers excite you? Then you might be the sharp Data Analyst Trainee that H&M are looking for in the Global Commercial Analysis Team!

Elekta is hiring a cloud site reliability engineer in Georgia. Elekta is a leader in the Radiation and Medical Oncology healthcare space.

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