Each year our regional chambers host highly motivated trainees from some of the top universities in Sweden. This Spring we are interviewing several of our past SACC GA trainees to see what they have been up to since their traineeship. It has been no surprise to us to hear that they are now thriving in their careers. Scroll down further in our newsletter to read more about Sara Von Sydow, Ashkan Eghtesadi-Azar and Carl Dunger. And look out for more interesting trainee success stories on Mondays on our social media.

The SACC-USA Trainee Program is vital to SACC-USA’s mission of facilitating trade, commerce and investment between Sweden and the U.S. As a SACC member, your company can utilize the Trainee Program as a tool in developing your international business activities.

Trainees educated within the highly regarded Swedish educational system bring expertise within their academic field along with an intimate knowledge of the Swedish and European market, language skills and cross-cultural knowledge.

Working together with other SACC chambers to offer interesting programming and valuable networking has been the silver lining of hosting mostly virtual events. We are collaborating with SACC DC and SACC Carolinas for a webinar on March 8, International Women's Day, on the topic of Women in Sustainable Business.

For our second collaborative webinar in March we have worked with SACC USA to bring you an interesting webinar where we explore the opportunities for Swedish Green Tech companies in the US under the Biden Administration. The Swedish Ambassador to the US, Karin Olofsdotter, is one of four speakers who will discuss how Swedish companies can show that they have a cutting edge in sustainable technology and sustainable solutions and how Swedish companies can position themselves correctly.

Best Regards,
Ida Pond
Executive Director SACC GA
March 8, 2021
International Women's Day | Webinar
International Women’s Day has been observed since the early 1900s. International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women.

Join SACC Georgia, Washington DC, and the Carolinas for a discussion on women in sustainable development. Sweden has a long history of a commitment to sustainability and is ranked as the most sustainable country in the world. This ranking is earned for its use of renewable energy sources and low carbon dioxide emissions, as well as social and governance practices such as labor participation, education and institutional framework. The speakers of the webinar include:

Petra Wadstrom: Founder and CEO of Solvatten.
Solvatten is a social enterprise based in Sweden and has one mission: To provide people living in developing countries with safe and hot water in a portable, environmentally-friendly way. Wadstrom will talk about her excellent sustainable innovation of Solvatten.

Caroline Decker: Vice President, Northeast Corridor Service Line at Amtrak.
Amtrak embraces sustainability as a way to operate its passenger rail business. Decker will talk about Amtrak's sustainable future.

Anna Lindberg: Owner and CEO of Anima.
Anima's mission is to create a better world through leadership development.
Lindberg will talk about leadership and how it can develop the world in a more sustainable direction.

Katarina Thorstensson: Smart Tourism & Sustainability Strategist at Göteborg & CO.
Gothenburg is at the top among the world's most sustainable cities according to Global Destination Sustainability. Gothenburg has also been rewarded to the European Capital of Smart Tourism 2020. Thorstensson will talk about Göteborg & CO's work with sustainability.
The discussion will be moderated by Sofia Arkelsten, former Swedish politician, and current Senior Director at Halvarsson & Halvarsson. Torbjörn Sjöström, CEO of Novus, will guest and talk about women and sustainability trends.

The SACC organization hopes to see you there!
March 16, 2021
Green Tech Webinar
The Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce of the United States of America (SACC-USA) is excited to announce Swedish Green Tech in the US - a webinar held in collaboration with SACC Georgia and the Embassy of Sweden. Please join us on March 16th, 2021 (EST) to gain the latest insights on the future of Swedish sustainable technology in the US from well-known politicians, investors, and industry experts.   

We can happily announce that one of the speakers is H.E. Karin Olofsdotter, Ambassador of Sweden to the U.S.
May 6, 2021
Mixology with Hendrick's Gin
More information to come.
June 17, 2021
Executive Forum 2021
Interview with Michael Blake, Director Valuating Services at Brady Ware & Company

We had the pleasure of talking to Michael Blake, Director of Strategic Advisory Services with accounting firm Brady Ware and Company. Michael is a SACC-Georgia individual member and joined the chamber last year. 
Read on about why Michael chose accounting, his interest in Sweden, his podcast, and much more.

Read the full article here.
Interview with Harry Söderström, Founder and CEO of Unibloc Pump

We were delighted to meet Harry Söderström, CEO and Founder of Unibloc Pump. Unibloc Pump has been a business member of SACC GA for many years. Harry’s company develops world-leading, innovative products. Read about the origins of the company, their recent acquisition, his connection to SACC GA, and much more.

Read the full article here.
SACC-Georgia New Members
Director, Transportation Sales at Kenco Group
Translator at
Project Manager at
Commercial Disaster Recovery LLC
We are thrilled to present our new series #MondaySuccessStories. This is a new concept where trainee alumni share their experiences of their traineeship at SACC Georgia every Monday!
Trainee 2016
Strategic Account Manager at Sinch
Trainee August 2017 - February 2018
Global Project Coordinator at ProcessMiner Inc.
Trainee August 2017 - February 2018
Integrated Marketing Manager at Elekta
Interview with the first American SACC USA Chairman, Gary Bruce - Managing Partner at Prosperity Developers International

Gary and the team at PDI generously sponsored the successful Networking Trivia Night in February. This event allowed us to make valuable connections across the SACC network.

In this interview, Bruce talks about his biggest accomplishment with PDI, his connection to Georgia and his unique connection to the SACC community - and much more. Enjoy!  
Ikea bought 11,000 acres of forest in Georgia to protect it from development
PAC’s, Public Affairs, and the value of Personal Relationships – A Conversation with Bob Thomas, SVP of Corporate and Government Affairs at Elekta

Oscar Werner, CEO of the messaging platform at Sinch, on cloud communication for messaging & future growth opportunities.

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