May 2020
Welcome Alejandro, new SACC-TX intern!
Alejandro M. Escobedo is new intern at SACC Texas and based in Houston. From there he will support all three chapters with focus on social media. Alejandro is also a full time student at Rice University.


Wednesday, May 6, 2020:
SACC Texas - "Never Waste A Good Crisis" Webinar with Per Cedergren
Due to the Covid-19 we are all forced to evaluate our current and future business models and best practice. As we all know, crisis means both “opportunity” and “threat”.
After the initial readjustment, how do you make sure you turn this change into an opportunity for further growth, in quantity and quality?

Thursday, May 14, 2020:
(Virtual) Nordic Innovation Summit 2020
The Nordic Innovation Summit 2020 presented by Ericsson, previously scheduled for May 14 at the National Nordic Museum, has been re-imagined and transformed into a virtual Summit available to anyone at no cost . This online event will give you the opportunity to hear from some of the top voices on sustainability, growth, and corporate leadership in the Nordic countries and the Pacific Northwest. Please register here .

Wednesday, May 22, 2020:
SACC Texas - " Quarantini: wine, beers, and cheers" online after-work session on how COVID-19 has affected the telecom market
We want to continue to network and enable people to meet, but since we can’t meet face-to-face just yet, SACC Texas will host a “Quarantini after work” on May 22 between 6-7pm. We
encourage anyone who joins this Zoom meeting to have a drink, beer or wine in hand. The theme for this session will be on how Covid-19 has impacted the telecom market in general. Patrik Lowenborg and Patrik Melander will host the event, and a few other telecom players will discuss current trends in the market, including how companies have coped with the lockdown restrictions.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020:
SACC Dallas - Speaker Series: CEO Spotlight - Rashid Skaf
Please join us for a fireside chat with Rashid Skaf who will share his success and lessons learnt through his interesting career and life. Rashid is a Dallas based industry veteran and entrepreneur at heart, with several successful exits and currently on yet another tremendous journey with his new company Biamp . Throughout his career he has led technology companies that have experienced tremendous global growth. He attributes this success to relentless focus on five important principles which he will share.