SACHF News June 2017
During the June 10 SACHF ANNUAL MEETING,
some 30 SACHF members gathered at the Scandinavian Center to review recently completed activities and approve the future leadership of the Scandinavian American Cultural and Historical Foundation. Karen Ashim (standing at front right) expressed appreciation to Mindy Miller and others for their extensive support for the successful 2017 Scandinavian Festival, which was headed by her and her husband Larry. And SACHF President Anita Londgren (at the end of the table) conveyed to them the SACHF Board's mutual appreciation.
Independent Events Producer Mindy Miller
(center) was commended by the SACHF Executive Committee for her involvement in the 2017 Scandinavian Festival. The Committee then voted to recommend to the SACHF Board that she be contracted to head the 2018 Festival (and the Board concurred). Besides Joy Brooks (left) and Elaine Williams (standing), the Executive Committee includes (not pictured) CFO Gary Lindgren and President Anita Londgren and (absent) Nancy Truex.
Newly-elected Board Member Glenn Gustafson
(center) looks perplexed as SACHF Membership Co-Chairs Britta Grampp (left) and Ingrid Isaksen show Glenn the Bylaws Section of the guidebook for the SACHF Board members. As an experienced genealogist, Glenn agreed to take on the challenge of heading the SACHF Genealogy Program as well as serving as historian for the Scandinavian Festival.
For the Summer, Wednesday noon events called Pluck
(shortcut for Pot-Luck lunch) will usually replace the presentations of the customary BrownBag Lunch gatherings at the Scandinavian Center. In this casual Pluck conversation, Mary Hekhuis listens to an animated statement by Torsten Olsson. 
In this meeting about reviewing the SACHF Website,
SACHF Board member Eric Renn (left) and Erik Hagen of the Marketing Department of California Lutheran University explain to SACHF President Anita Londgren the steps needed to update the information and graphics to promote the various facets and programs of the Scandinavian American Cultural and Historical Foundation.  Since then, the SACHF communication "team" has initiated the desired changes.
Ericsson? Erikson? whoever, whenever--Oct. 8 or 9? Last year, SACHF honored Leif Erikson on his official national day, Oct. 9, which happened to be on Sunday. We got good Sunday attendance, so this year we will bend the rules to adapt to public appeal...and celebrate again on a Sunday...which will be Oct. 8. Sorry about that Leif, but for the good of the cause! SACHF wants to establish this as a recurring event...though the theme for 2017 has yet to be decided. Got any ideas? Want to help with the event? "Signal" a message. 
P.S. by SACHF president Anita Hillesland Londgren:
I can see clearly now....that our organization has steadily set a course toward our preserve and promote our Scandinavian heritage.
We have a full slate of capable officers, completed a successful Scandinavian Festival and enjoyed and benefited from our Annual Meeting. We're involving younger members, as well as including awarding a CLU Scandinavian Club scholarship. And we're exploring Social Media opportunities.
Our link with California Lutheran University also provides us stability, with space and venue options on support from many in the faculty and on the staff as well as from students.
Now we just need to "stay the course"!
P.P.S: Thanks for the E-News support from the SACHF Communications Team--Board members Richard Londgren and Eric Renn.
Scandinavian American Cultural and Historical Foundation