SACHF News September 2017
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for Sunday, Oct. 8, the Leif Erikson Day-before. Officially, the National Day of recognition of Leif Erikson is Monday, Oct. 9, but we will expand the celebration on Sunday, the day before. Join us at 2:30 p.m. in CLU's Overton Hall when we will additionally honor John Ericsson, the Swedish-American inventor of the "ironclad" Monitor. Though Leif Erikson discovered America, John Ericsson is credited for saving the Union with his dramatic and unconventional Civil War ironclad ship the Monitor. A film will dramatize battle of ironclads and the political significance of the Monitor in the Civil War.
During the Erikson-Ericsson presentation on Oct. 8 at 2:30 in Overton Hall at Cal Lutheran, Torsten Olsson (middle) of the Scandinavian Center will tell about the model he made of the ironclad Monitor. Nancy Truex (left) holds a model of a Viking ship for comparison, and as a member of the Nordic Spirit Symposium committee, she will tell about a focus on Leif Erikson planned for his achievement set for Feb. 9-10 at CLU.  Dick Londgren, Co-Director of the Scandinavian Center and organizer of the Monitor project, will share from his extensive study of the Civil War the impact of the battle of ironclads. The public is invited to the free event and the reception later at the Scandinavian Center.
While independent Events Producer Mindy Miller signs the contract as the primary director of the Scandinavian Festival set for April 21-22, 2018, members of the Executive Board of the Scandinavian American Cultural and Historical Foundation await in satisfaction about the initiation of the revised procedure of the Festival. From left, Treasurer Gary Lindgren, SACHF President Anita Londgren and SACHF Vice President Elaine Williams. The event will occur again in the Cal Lutheran Kingsman Park.
Genealogy got rapt attention when Anna Frederich of Los Angeles (at left and below left) told about the varied advancements in research, including the application of DNA in the field of family history.

In the photo at left, she is "framed" in the photo by Susan Ness and David Hime.
The Leif Erikson Day presentation on Oct. 9 of last year got the attention of these men from our organization. As noted earlier, the event set for Sunday, Oct. 8 this year will again be in Overton Hall at CLU, but with a new twist--honoring John Ericsson for the invention of the Civil War ironclad, the Monitor. The free event will conclude with a reception at the Scandinavian Center.
If I'm their leader, why is everyone looking the other way?

Maybe they're looking for our mission statement, which deserves attention...and reflection. Is it realistic...truly attainable in its broad scope?

Here it is (from our by-laws of Feb. 1, 2003): The mission of the Scandinavian American Cultural and Historical Foundation is to preserve and promote Scandinavian Heritage and Culture in the Southwestern United States for the education and enjoyment of present and future generations.

Seems worthy of continuation, confirmation...and consideration.
And as part of our mission, SACHF has continually hosted genealogy research and consultation...with our reference library, subscriptions of special publications, Internet connections and links to other genealogy sources.
Scandinavians seem to have a strong interest in their Northern European "roots," as the DNA presentation by Anna Fredricks (see photos above) demonstrated.
And ever since the Scan Center opened back in 2003, one SACHF member became known for his knowledge of many on-line resources and his willingness to help any "searcher" track his or her ancestors. 
That man was JERRY BALDWIN. Sadly, he died a few weeks ago. His passing in July was partly a surprise, but partly expected.  He'll be missed, and we'll see a change in our genealogy services. But a new member of the SACHF Board, GLENN GUSTAFSON, has taken on that challenge, so the genealogy services Jerry initiated will carry on.
Farewell Jerry--and Welcome Glenn! 
Your fellow "roots" tracker,
SACHF President Anita Hillesland Londgren
P.S.: Thanks for the E-News support from the SACHF Communications Team--Board members Richard Londgren and Eric Renn.
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