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MALMessage from Member-at-Large, Kenneth Johnson

Greetings SACSA Family -
Happy July, I hope your summer is not speeding by too fast. I also hope you have made moments to reflect, energize, and prepare for the second half of 2019!
Kenneth Johnson, MAL
I have the pleasure of serving as one of your Members-At-Large (MAL) on the Executive Council. Much of my work this term has centered on supporting my fellow MAL's in the needed and foundational work of creating a central volunteer database. This work has been championed and led by my fellow MAL's and it has been my privilege to support them in this endeavor.
As we begin the second half 2019 and reflect on successes and find opportunities for growth, it is my deepest hope that you are able to find both of those things professionally in SACSA and the SACSA Family. I have always left SACSA engagements feeling excited and energized about the work we do and the association we are a part of.
If you are involved in SACSA, I encourage you to stay involved and engaged. If you are not involved, I encourage you to increase your involvement as you are able to. The Executive Council through efforts like the development of a central volunteer database hope to increase access and transparency for those opportunities.
Please continue to make the most of your summer and maybe find time for a little vacation!
Yours in Service,


Membership & Recruitment Committee

Dr. Kyle R. Williams
SACSA Member since 2013
Dr. Kyle R. Williams has been a SACSA Member since 2013. His first involvement with SACSA was as a presenter for the Grad Student Symposium, noting that he enjoys helping grad students with their journey in Student Affairs. Later, he got involved with the Multicultural Awareness Committee (MAC), and found his community within SACSA. He describes SACSA as "a regional conference that feels like a national conference; so much so that even though I'm not in the region, I go back to SACSA". 

Dr. Williams is one of SACSA's associate members , who are members that are not living within the SACSA region but maintain membership within SACSA. Dr Williams has even recruited colleagues to the SACSA region from St. Louis, where he serves as the Assistant Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards at Washington University in St. Louis. He also recruited SACSA colleague Justavian Tillman from the region to join him in St Louis! 

Dr. Williams received his B.A. from Otterbein University in Music, and his M.S.Ed in Educational Leadership at Old Dominion University, one of his favorite SACSA Locations! He later received his EdD at Texas A&M University - Commerce in Higher Education. Along with Norfolk, VA, he notes he particularly enjoyed going to Greenville, South Carolina to celebrate Halloween while attending SACSA 2015! 

His favorite part of attending SACSA is building community with colleagues, describing SACSA as a "family"; He specifically notes SACSA colleagues such as Dr. Erin Vaughn Jones, Dr. Janice Hicks, Dr Eric Bailey, Gerald Harris, Dr. CJ Woods and others who have contributed to the community and family feel of SACSA conferences. Dr Williams has presented numerous times at SACSA and volunteered with the MAC, the Grad Student Symposium, and has been attending SACSA since 2013. 

For his favorite funny SACSA memory, he describes a time at SACSA 2017 in Chattanooga, Tennessee when he and many of his colleagues were stranded at the MAC excursion in the cold! Dr. Williams points to SACSA's community, professional development, and opportunities as having truly contributed to his professional growth.

Have someone to recommend for a SACSA story? Please contact christina.m.wan@gmail.com

AwardsRecognition2019 Awards & Recognition Open
Awards & Recognition Committee

Nominations for the 2019 SACSA Awards and Recognition process are now open. All nominations are due by Wednesday, July 31, 2019 and all recommendations are due by Friday, August 5, 2019. 

The SACSA Awards Nomination process requires the following:
1. A completed nomination form for the person being recommended for consideration for the award. Due by July 31, 2019
2. Two completed recommendation forms from people who can speak to reason(s) the person deserves this award. Due by August 5, 2019
3. A resume, Chronology of SACSA involvement, and High-Quality Photograph from the person being recommended for consideration for the award.

Please note that once completed, the nomination form will automatically send notifications to the Recognition and Awards Chair. Each recommender will receive an email notification to submit a recommendation letter no later than August 5, 2019. Once the call for nominations has closed, award nominees will be contacted by the Chairperson of the Awards and Recognition Committee and asked to submit their resume, chronology of SACSA involvement, and a high-quality photograph.

Questions regarding the nominations process may be directed to:
Don Stansberry, 2019 Recognition & Awards Committee Chair 

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DOY2019 Dissertation of the Year Award
Research & Assessment Committee

Applications for SACSA's 2019 Dissertation of the Year (DOY) award are now being accepted through 11:59 p.m. CDT on August 16. For additional information about evaluation criteria, qualifications, application requirements, and submission guidelines, please visit  https://www.sacsa.org/page/DOY under the Conference and Professional Development Tab on the SACSA website.

Are you interested in learning more about what goes into a strong research grant proposal or dissertation? Do you have a discerning eye for topics and projects that would advance SACSA and the field of Student Affairs? The Research and Assessment Committee (RAC) seeks volunteers to help review submissions for, and select the winners of, SACSA's annual Dissertation of the Year (DOY) and Research Grant competitions. Scholars at all levels of education and experience are encouraged to participate. The time commitment will include reviewing submissions, grading submissions based on an established rubric, and participating in 1-2 conference calls between August 16th and September 1st. If interested, please contact Danielle Molina at DMolina@colled.msstate.edu .

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ResearchGrant2019 Research Grant Competition
Research & Assessment Committee

Applications for SACSA's 2019 Research Grants competitions are now being accepted through 11:59 p.m. CDT on August 16. For additional information about evaluation criteria, qualifications, application requirements, and submission guidelines, please visit https://www.sacsa.org/page/researchgrants under the Conference and Professional Development Tab on the SACSA website.

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SACSAJournalSACSA's College Student Affairs Journal

The Executive Council would like to express its gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Brian Bourke for his leadership and service to the SACSA's College Student Affairs Journal. Brian helped build on the momentum from previous editors to make CSAJ a notable journal for scholars, practitioners, and students. The EC knows the journal is in good hands with its new co-editors. Thank you Brian! 

In August, 2019, the College Student Affairs Journal will transition to new leadership. After serving the Journal for six years as Associate Editor, Co-Editor, then Editor, Dr. Brian Bourke will hand the CSAJ Editorship over to Dr. Michelle Boettcher and Dr. Dena Kniess. 

Dr. Michelle Boettcher is an assistant professor of student affairs at Clemson University, and has served as an associate editor for CSAJ. Dr. Dena Kniess is an assistant professor of counselor education and student affairs at the University of West Georgia, and has also served as an associate editor for CSAJ. 

As the editorship transitions in August, all Journal processes will remain intact, and new submissions will continue to be accepted. The articles that will be published in the Fall 2019 issue (Volume 37 Number 2) were all submitted, reviewed, and accepted under Dr. Bourke's editorship.

For information and access to CSAJ, visit http://sacsa.org/CSAJ  

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SponsorsPartners, Sponsors & Exhibitors
Aramark, Partner Level

Aramark is in the customer service business across food, facilities and uniforms, wherever people work, learn, recover, and play. United by a passion to serve, more than 270,000 employees deliver experiences that enrich and nourish the lives of millions of people in 22 countries around the world every day. Above all else, they strive to transform dining experiences on the campuses they serve every day.

Learn more about them at http://www.aramark.com/industries/education/colleges-universities/dining-services.

Aramark continues to be a loyal partner with SACSA and we are so grateful for their support at the Partner Level. 

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