Hi Friends:

This is no surprise: February can be a tough month in our schools! The cold, rainy weather that we are seeing today in Fort Worth tends to be a good representation of how students, parents, and teachers feel about the school experience!

So, in an attempt to spread a little sunshine, I wanted to share two pieces of news about some exciting upcoming SAES events.

First, we are excited to announce that Dr. Lisa Pena will be the keynote speaker at our Early Learning Conference on June 25th in Fort Worth. Some of you may have seen her on television as a Today Show contributor. Dr. Pena brings rich experience working with early learning educators and parents to squash the idea that autism has one story. We have a dynamic day of activities planned for those working with the youngest members of the SAES family. Keep an eye on our Professional Development newsletter in the coming weeks for registration information.

Next, we are excited to announce David Epstein as our keynote speaker for our Biennial Conference in Houston on October 21-22, 2021. David's latest book, Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World , speaks to the heart of what we are trying to accomplish in Episcopal schools. Over the next several months, I look forward to introducing David and his work to the SAES family. Below, you will see an interview of David on CBS This Morning where he discusses the thesis of his book.

As aways, thank you for the wonderful work that you are accomplishing in your school; even when no one seems to recognize it! I promise, spring is around the corner!

With blessings,
How Board Members Support
the Head of School
February 27, 2020
6:00 pm (CST)
As the sole employee of the board, the Head of School carries a huge amount of responsibility. And along with that responsibility comes a lot of stress! One of the most important roles of the Board of Trustees is to support the Head of School. This webinar offers board members tangible advice for how they can best support their sole employee! 

Ways to Support and Encourage
Faculty Members
February 28, 2020
10:00 pm (CST)
Faculty and staff are on the front lines of our schools and they are the most important resource for the community. More than ever, faculty members need support and encouragement as they strive to educate students in an ever-changing and challenging teaching environment.  This webinar will give practical ways to develop and encourage faculty and staff members.

Dr. Lisa Pena
Keynote Speaker
JUNE 25, 2020
Dr. Lisa Peña is a Today Show Parenting Team contributor and the founder of The M.o.C.h.A.(TM) Tribe which stands for (M)oms (o)f (C)hildren that (h)ave (A)utism. She is the author behind The M.o.C.h.A. Tribe Diaries which is a website/blog devoted to squashing the idea that autism has a single story. She is passionate about working with educators on the front lines of serving students and is looking forward to sharing her research and strategies. She is a mother of a child with an incredibly unique subset of autism called pathological demand avoidance (PDA). Dr. Peña is a proud coach's wife, a clinical pharmacist, a passionate public speaker, and a busy mom of three who happily resides in South Padre Island, TX.

David Epstein
Keynote Speaker
OCTOBER 21-22, 2021
" Range is an urgent and important book, an essential read for bosses, parents, coaches, and anyone who cares about improving performance."--Daniel Pink

"I want to give Range to any kid who is being forced to take violin lessons--but really wants to learn the drums."
--Amanda Ripley, author of The Smartest Kids in the World

David Epstein is the author of the #1 New York Times best seller Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World , and of the bestseller The Sports Gene . He has master's degrees in environmental science and journalism and has worked as an investigative reporter for ProPublica and a senior writer for Sports Illustrated . His thesis explores how students prepared to be generalists as opposed to specialists are primed to excel.


Dallas Job Fair 2020
February 22, 2020
DoubleTree Dallas Near the Galleria
Great jobs for private school teachers in Texas and around the South!
The 5 Best Interview Questions Candidates Ask During Job Interviews
It makes it easier to believe that people take the whole process seriously and that they have a real interest in the organization and the job when they ask good questions.

Relationships Are Important. How Do We Build Them Effectively With Kids?
Given how important relationships are to setting a kid on a positive trajectory, society needs to be talking not just about an ‘achievement gap,’ but about the ‘relationship gap’ that is likely part of the problem.

Safeguarding the Mental Health of Teachers
Teachers tell their students that mindset matters. Yet teachers do not always allow themselves space to receive those same messages of reflection and self-care.


The SAES Standards Committee and the Board of Directors voted in June of 2017 to change the finance standard (F.3) regarding audits and reviews. The announcement about the change was made to all Heads of School in August 2017, published as pending each year in the  Standards of the Association, and due to take effect with the coming 2020-2021 school and budget year.  
As you finalize the budgeting process for 20-21, be aware that your school may be affected. The new standard reads:
(Beginning 2020-2021) Every year, the school’s Board of Trustees will engage an independent certified public accounting firm to perform an audit with an accompanying management letter. A school with an annual revenue of less than $1,000,000 may alternate annually between an audit and a review.  

Schools are required to comply with the new standard beginning EOY 2021. Please contact Jeanie Stark ( ) for further information.

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