Hi Friends:

We made it to the summer--although, the summer of 2020 is going to be one of the more unique ones that we have experienced. Don't forget to take some time to unplug. Self-care is especially critical as we are working through such adaptive challenges.

While we are all focusing on the start of the school year, don't forget to think through the question of on-boarding your new board members and board training. Strong board practices are critical now more than ever.

One of the joys of my position is to be able to come to your campus and provide board training in person. I truly love that part of this ministry. Due to the current circumstances, however, we are developing a variety of resources for board training that take into consideration the specific needs for social distancing in your community. I'd like to highlight a few offerings:

First, consider purchasing a school pass for the Leadership and Governance Workshop taking place on July 23rd . You will find more information below. That is an excellent way to provide comprehensive board training for your entire leadership team. You may either attend live or watch it "on demand" for 30 days after the session.

Second, we are continuing to offer a series of webinars that are free of charge for our member schools. Specifically relating to board training, you will see a session for board presidents on August 13th and a session for board treasurers on August 5th. Other sessions include: the shared leadership between head of school and rector, marketing, fundraising, and the strategic planning process. You can find a link to all of the webinars by clicking here. By using these webinars, you can craft a curriculum that addresses your needs. We will also be adding topics so stay tuned!

Finally, don't hesitate to reach out to me if your board would benefit from a more focused facilitated discussion on a topic of interest. Using our video conferencing platform, we are able to facilitate a variety of activities that will help your board lead to the best of their ability.

I know everyone has a ton on their plate right now. This is a project that you don't have to do by yourself. Let us know if we can help with the critical task of continuing board education.

With blessings,

The Coronavirus Resource Page contains a curated library of articles, advisories, and webinars to help you and your school navigate the many issues that the pandemic has presented. Recently added items include:

  • CDC Guidelines for Schools
  • Information relating to the CARES Act and the Payroll Protection Program
  • Resources from the SBA on applying for the Payroll Protection Program
  • Resources from the Enrollment Management Association
  • Distance Learning resources from the Global Online Academy

Also, Heads of School can access the password-protected Heads Discussion Board for additional support and discussion. Please contact the SAES office if you need assistance.


Workshop for Fall
Re-Opening Planning
July 8, 2020
12:00 noon CST

Wondering what your fall re-opening plan might look like? Join David and Mary Katherine as we explore various re-opening options with Catherine Bohot, Head of School at Calvary Episcopal in Bastrop, TX, and Amy Whitley, Assistant Head of School at St. Francis Episcopal School in Houston, TX.

Strategies for Social Distancing with Preschoolers
July 9, 2020
10:00 am CST

What does Social Distancing look like for a three-year-old? That's the question heard around the association! Join David and Mary Katherine as they talk with Lesli Budzinski at Kids of the Kingdom Episcopal School in San Antonio, TX, Melissa Pannell at Trinity Episcopal School in Fort Worth, and Beth Lawrence, Head of School at St. Thomas Early Learning Center in College Station, TX.

Leadership & Governance
July 23, 2020
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm CST

$99.00 Per School
Don't miss this comprehensive session of board training for leaders of Episcopal schools. Three major topics will be explored: 1) Episcopal Identity, 2) Episcopal School Governance, and 3) Financial Health and Sustainability. This interactive session will include case studies and plenty of time for Q&A between participants and panelists. This session is ideal for both board veterans and new board members alike.

David Epstein
Keynote Speaker
OCTOBER 21-22, 2021
"Range is an urgent and important book, an essential read for bosses, parents, coaches, and anyone who cares about improving performance."--Daniel Pink

"I want to give Range to any kid who is being forced to take violin lessons--but really wants to learn the drums."
--Amanda Ripley, author of The Smartest Kids in the World

David Epstein is the author of the #1 New York Times best seller Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World , and of the bestseller The Sports Gene . He has master's degrees in environmental science and journalism and has worked as an investigative reporter for ProPublica and a senior writer for Sports Illustrated . His thesis explores how students prepared to be generalists as opposed to specialists are primed to excel.
Keep Experimenting
DASL Data Entry
2021 is OPEN!

Data entry is officially open for NAIS Data and Analysis for School Leadership (DASL). This year, your data will be more important than ever for your school and the independent school community. Join your colleagues at other independent schools, and the staff at your state or regional associations, and submit your school's information to help build a complete picture of the independent school sector. Accurate and complete data will help us all move forward in leading and promoting excellence for our schools and students!
Institute For Social and
Emotional Learning
Summer Professional Development
This summer,  The Institute for Social and Emotional Learning is offering experiential and creative online Professional Development courses designed to support school communities as they return this fall. IFSEL are offering all SAES member schools a discount of 20% on registrations (up to a maximum of five registrations per school per course). 
Courses include:
  • Paving a Path for All to Thrive: SEL Teaching Practices, Skills, and Positive Communication for the Elementary Grades
  • The Joy of Advising for Grades 5-12 (Course 1): Inspiring Approaches and Practical Tools for Middle and High School Advisors and Homeroom Teachers
  • Catalyzed by SEL: Social and Emotional Learning Activates All Curricula and School Experiences

More information about IFSEL’s courses can be found here:

To receive the discount for use at registration, please email
Introducing the Business Officer's Discussion Board
A discussion board for Business Officer's is now open on SAES' website at To obtain login credentials, please contact Pat Blevins at


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It's Time To Reopen Schools
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