November 2017 - Issue 2

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Horizon 2020 project
SAFE-10-T has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 723254.

SAFE-10-T to increase the safety of EU transport infrastructure across road, rail and inland waterway transport modes

This is Newsletter No 2 of the SAFE-10-T project, funded by the European Commission under call topic H2020 MG-3.4-2016 - Transport infrastructure innovation to increase the transport system safety at modal and intermodal level (including nodes and interchanges).
SAFE-10-T progress in WP1 'Monitoring and Modelling'
WP1 aims to develop protocols for advanced real-time assessment of the condition of transport infrastructure assets such as earthworks, tunnels and bridges. Probabilistic methods of evaluating resilience to hazardous events are being developed, which will subsequently feed into the machine learning algorithms and the decision support tool that is being developed in WP3.
In addition, a framework to measure the resilience of infrastructure on the TEN-T network has been developed, which comprises both qualitative and quantitative methods. The qualitative assessment adopts the CI-RAT and PARET tools which were developed in the RESILENS project, whilst the quantitative framework employs curves relating to the functionality (capacity) and probability of failure (fragility) of the infrastructure and establishes a relationship with the overall resilience of the network. The associated Deliverable 1.1 'Probabilistic Consideration of Resilience' will be published on the SAFE-10-T website shortly.

Figure 1. Resilience Framework

SAFE-10 T project participates in related SAFE STRIP project workshop
One of the measures to maximise the impact of SAFE-10-T is to create synergies with similarly-themed projects. As such, SAFE-10-T recently participated in the 1st Pan-European Workshop, hosted by the SAFE STRIP project  in Thessaloniki, Greece. Dr. Julie Clarke of Gavin & Doherty Geosolutions, Project Manager for SAFE-10-T, attended the event on 27th September 2017, as a forerunner to the 8th International Congress on Transportation Research (ICTR 2017) .
The SAFE STRIP project is a coordinating project that is being funded under the same call topic as SAFE-10-T (MG-3.4-2016). The workshop brought together relevant stakeholders, including infrastructure operators and managers, contractors, equipment manufacturers, tier 1 and 2 suppliers, researchers and policy makers to determine stakeholder needs and establish how the SAFE STRIP project can effectively address these needs.
SAFE-10-T will continue to interact with the SAFE STRIP project as well as the SAFER LC project (also funded under MG-3.4-2016) to further develop project synergies and ensure complimentary research in relation to transport system safety.
Figure 2. SAFE STRIP project workshop
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The SAFE-10-T dissemination and communication activities are coordinated by ISIG and FEHRL.
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