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August 31, 2017

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Opportunity through Education

Clean Drinking Water at Kiwimbi Kenya
Kiwimbi Kenya now has a source of safe clean drinking water that is piped from an underground aquifer that has been certified as safe for drinking by the Kenya Bureau of Standards.  The water supplier is a private company called TEZO WATER LTD.
This clean water will help to cut down on common water-borne diseases such as cholera and typhoid among children and adults in Amagoro. Kiwimbi Kenya is providing this water as free drinking water for children who come to our Community Center and Library.   
The water will be available all year round and will be of benefit during the drought season that runs from December to Apri.

Kiwimbi's Second Annual Report
Kiwimbi has recently released its Second Annual Report. To understand what we accomplished this past year - how many lives we impacted, the programs we developed and implemented, and how we utilized your donations - please view the Annual Report here.
Introducing Kiwimbi's Newest Trustee Member
As a former Senior Director and current consultant in Regulatory Affairs for several pharmaceutical companies, Marion led development teams for successful regulatory submissions and new oncology drug approvals  in the U.S., Europe and Japan. Multi-tasking, organizational and diplomatic skills are required for such successes in the highly competitive pharmaceutical world. She has also served as a mentor and manager on regulatory teams for many years.   
A recent Master Gardener, Marion volunteers to help the local community, by providing possible solutions to plant issues on the Help Line, horticulture therapy for those less fortunate, and membership in the speakers' bureau. She values education, having served as a mentor to a young Navajo growing up on a New Mexico reservation. In this role she not only provided encouragement but also financial support to his family. This support helped him finish High School and enter a Community College program.  Marion also helped adults learn English with her work in Literacy Volunteers of America.  With a passion for education and research, Marion will be focusing on Kiwimbi's education mission and hopes to encourage others to learn more about its work by various means, including book club discussions of Kenyan literature.
Marion holds her Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry from Indiana University and did post-doctoral work in virology at the NJ Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine.  She loves to travel, help animals and even does a bit of fly fishing.

Food for Thought 
Kiwimbi focuses on creating opportunity through education. Kenyan children are motivated to learn, but often do not have the nourishment that helps them be the most productive. So, Kiwimbi provides lunch each day to about 200 grade-eight students at three primary schools in Amagoro, Kenya. Besides getting a nutritious meal during the day, the students remain at school instead of traveling the long distance home in the middle of the school day.
By providing lunch along with educational resources in school and at our library, Kiwimbi gives students a chance to progress in school. Help sustain Kiwimbi's lunch program. Won't you help provide for  Food for Thought?

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For first-hand accounts of life in rural Kenya from the children's perspectives, check out our KAP collection.  Proceeds from the sale of these books support our efforts to bring educational opportunity to the community.
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