SAFE Elections: Call for Nominations
Greetings SAFE Students,
The National SAFE officer team is accepting nominations for next year’s SAFE leadership. There are four positions available (described below). Terms for these positions run from ~March 2019 to ~March 2020. Serving as a national SAFE officer is an exciting opportunity to become more involved with SAFE / AFE and meet some amazing people in the fire community.

If you are interested in an officer position, please return a brief application to Peter Noble by February 15.

Your application should include:
  • Your name
  • The officer position that you are interested in
  • Your university SAFE chapter affiliation
  • A short biographical paragraph: This is your chance to introduce yourself to the SAFE membership at large and describe why you should be elected to an officer position. You can include information such as who you are, your academic year in school and major / degree program, any relevant experience with firefighting or fire management / ecology (note: no previous fire experience is needed or required to run for a SAFE officer position), future career interests, hobbies, and why you should be elected or what you could bring to a SAFE officer position.
A description of officer positions and duties is provided below. Self-nominations are welcome!! For additional information both the current SAFE VP Caroline Martorano ( ) and I are happy to answer any questions you may have .
Peter Noble
SAFE Officer Positions and Descriptions
President : The SAFE President shall be responsible for the overall conduct of business within SAFE, and therefore is granted executive power and responsibility to call meetings; to organize conference calls; to ensure SAFE representation at AFE events and conferences; to appoint and dissolve committees for special tasks (i.e., conferences, awards, outreach, etc.); oversee elections and the orderly transition of officers and SAFE records from one set of officers to the next; and other duties as may become necessary.
Vice President : The SAFE Vice President shall assist the President in performing the roles and duties of that office; shall stand in and act for the President in her/his absence from meetings or events; and shall assist the President in maintaining a list of standing SAFE committees. Also, the Vice President shall function as interim Chair of the At-large chapters of SAFE, ensuring that the members of this chapter maintain communication with one another, other chapters, and National SAFE and AFE.
Secretary/Treasurer : The SAFE Secretary/Treasurer shall maintain minutes of meetings and conference calls; maintain an updated list of SAFE members, local chapters and advisors, and their contact information for the purpose of communication; assist the President in sending messages via e-mail or social networking sites to SAFE members; and maintain SAFE's presence on social media sites, such as Facebook or others to be determined by SAFE officers and members' preferences. In addition, the Secretary/Treasurer is responsible for maintaining SAFE's financial assets, in coordination with the AFE Treasurer; maintaining records of balances and expenditures, and providing reports thereof to the SAFE President or AFE Board from time to time; preparing annual funding requests, with input from SAFE officers, to submit to the AFE Board; and assisting other SAFE officers with any special budgetary or financial needs that may arise due to SAFE or AFE events, conferences, etc.
Training and Education Officer : The SAFE Training and Education Officer is responsible for coordinating outreach for, and facilitating, fire related training and educational opportunities. The Training and Education Officer will sit on the AFE SAFE committee and create resources for chapters to utilize for membership. The Training and Education Officer will identify training and educational opportunities by building relationships with cooperative partners and agencies; maintaining relationships for future opportunities by maintaining contact list and staying current on training opportunities; and notifying chapters of various opportunities and providing resources to chapters. The Training and Education Officer will provide outreach opportunities for SAFE students by organizing outreach platforms and utilizing proper network channels. The Training and Education officer will also coordinate opportunities for students by identifying logistics and utilizing grant opportunities.