Safe Harbor provides services that promote security and stability for at-risk families, children and individuals in Coastal Georgia and across the state.
Now that the fiscal year has ended, we are excited to share our numbers with you! From last June to this July, Safe Harbor provided services to 897 children and 53 adults for a total of 950. Here's the break down by program:

Family Preservation provided services to 104 families and 211 children . Since 2015, Safe Harbor Family Preservation has successfully worked with 232 referrals from the Glynn/McIntosh Division of Family Children Services (DFCS). Of these referrals, only 8% of those families received a second referral/ report to DFCS.

Street Outreach worked with 111 children who were homeless or in danger of becoming homeless.

Zach’s Place had 42 children spend at least one night. Of those 42, over half of them were under the age of 12. In Zach's Place provided prevention services to 50 more children (so that they were able to stay with family members and not have to come to our emergency shelter), making the total number served 92 children

The Windolf Residence ( Safe Harbor Children's Shelter ) provided a home to 50 children and youth .

STRIVE Transitional Living Program provided services to 5 young ladies , aged 17 to 20.

Safe Harbor Children’s Advocacy Center conducted 428 forensic interviews, 77 forensic medical exams and provided 466 counseling sessions. We assisted 82 crisis calls. The number of crisis calls has increased from 42 in 2018 to 82 this past year.

Connie Smith Rape Crisis Center provided 53 forensic interviews and 56 adult medical exams.
On the evening of June 26th, Safe Harbor held its Annual Meeting at the Frederica Boathouse for its staff and board members. A young man from our Street Outreach program spoke about how Safe Harbor helped bring him from homelessness to his current status: college student! Two siblings from our Children's Center (Windolf Residence) gave an emotional speech about how Safe Harbor has helped them through very tough times (please click the button below to read their speech). After these moving speeches, Leslie Hartman (Executive Director) and our program directors handed out awards to our staff and one special board member (see list below)! We are incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful staff and board!
Some of Safe Harbor's board members in attendance: Jack Windolf (Chairman), Alison Bouts, Dr. Lee Heery, Alice Selman (Secretary), Carrie Lewis, Peter Feininger and Jeff Misner (Vice Chairman and Treasurer).
Zach's Place staff members (from left to right): Monica Holland (Childcare Worker), Priscilla Johnson (House Manager), Sharron Atkinson (Program Director), Sarah Fairley(Childcare Worker) , Bridgett Monts (Childcare Worker), Chelsea Parker (Aftercare Case Manager) and Rashida Bridges (Safe Place Coordinator/Case Manager ).
Staff members from our Connie Smith Rape Crisis Center (CSRCC) and Safe Harbor Children's Advocacy Center (CAC).
Family Preservation Program: Alician Black (Program Director) and Sierra Alford (Family Support Worker).
STRIVE team members: Laura Ridings (Program Director), Charlese Kennedy (Transition Support Worker), Teria Brown (Human Service Professional) and Courtney Crozier (Transition Support Worker)
Program Directors LaTanya Roberts (CSRCC & CAC), Jeff Clark (Street Beat), Leslie Hartman (Executive Director), Sharron Atkinson (Zach's Place), Lutas Alkhadra (Shelter/Windolf Residence), Laura Ridings (STRIVE), Alician Black (Family Preservation).
Marion Snyder (Office Manager), Muriel Windolf (Volunteer and Former Board Member), Toni Davies (Volunteer) and Hillary Johnston (Thrift Shop Manager/Volunteer Coordinator).
2019 Safe Harbor Awards :
LIFESAVER AWARD : Lutas Alkhadra (Children's Center Program Director)
HAMER AWARD: Dr. Lee Heery (Board Member)
RECOGNITION OF 25 YEARS OF SERVICE : Carnella Wright (Childcare Worker/Children's Center)
SAFE HARBOR CHILDREN'S CENTER : Sophia Akinola (Girls' House Supervisor)
STREET BEAT : Amanda Brand (HMIS Data Entry)
ZACH'S PLACE : Chelsea Parker (Aftercare Case Manager)
STRIVE: Teria Brown (Human Service Professional)
CHILDREN'S ADVOCACY CENTER : Hannah Evors (Program Manager)
CONNIE SMITH RAPE CRISIS : Andrea Belton (Volunteer Coordinator)
FAMILY PRESERVATION: Mary Whitney (Counselor)
ADMINISTRATIVE DEPT: Hillary Johnston (Thrift Shop Manager/Volunteer Coordinator)
Windolf Residence Staff: Leona Wilson (Childcare Worker), Lifesaver Award winner, Lutas Alkhadra (Program Director), Shelter Staff of the Year Award winner, Sophia Akinola (Girls' House Supervisor), and Carnella Wright (Childcare Worker), who was recognized for 25 years of service at Safe Harbor.
Administrative Staff: Brittany Clay (Receptionist/Administrative Assistant), Staff of the Year Award winner Hillary Johnston (Thrift Shop/Volunteer Coordinator) and Marion Snyder (Office Manager).
Jackie Johnson (District Attorney), Brent Nichols (Counselor), Hamer Award winner Dr. Lee Heery (Board Member) and Staff of the Year Award winner for Family Preservation, Mary Whitney (Counselor).
CAC Staff of the Year Award winner, Hannah Evors (Program Manager), with Connie Smith Rape Criss Staff of the Year Award winner, Andrea Belton (Volunteer Coordinator).
Zach's Place Staff of the Year Award winner, Chelsea Parker (Aftercare Case Manager).
STRIVE Staff of the Year Award winner, Teria Brown (Human Service Professional).
We have recently been blessed by a special group of volunteers who are working monthly with our kids to teach them basic craftsmanship skills while teaching them about God. Each child received a toolbox (courtesy of Lowe's) and will be adding a new tool to that toolbox each month after their lesson. We want to give a HUGE thank you to John Batts, Sam LaBarba and Alicia Scarborough of Toolbox Ministry; the kids are loving this hands-on group activity!
On September 15th, Safe Harbor will host a signature fundraising event, Designer Handbag Bingo , to be held at the Frederica Boathouse from 2pm to 4pm . We are very excited about this event! Local retailers have donated handbags for the winners of each bingo round. In addition, there will be a silent auction of gently-used high-end designer bags. We are currently seeking corporate sponsorship for the event. Tickets will go on sale in August -- stay tuned for more details! If you have a bag that you'd like to donate, or if your company would like to help sponsor this event, please email Hillary Johnston . Thank you!
We are happy to report that since opening to the public in March, our Thrift Shop has been doing well! This summer, some of our kids are working at the shop, doing a great job! Have you had a chance to stop by? You should -- you never know what goodies you'll find! We are open for shopping and donations from 11am to 2pm, Monday through Saturday. We are seeking gently-used clothing (all sizes) and accessories (shoes, purses, scarves, ties and jewelry). No housewares or toys, please. We hope to see you soon!
1526 Norwich Street
Brunswick, GA 31521