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August 2013 

SAFE represents more than 700 of the industry's top aviation educators in 49 states and nine foreign countries, including the majority of Master Instructors and numerous General Aviation Awards winners in all four awards categories. SAFE is also leading the Pilot Training Reform Initiative.

AirVenture 2013 a Resounding Success!

Despite the move to a new location this year, and a few map challenges,  people had no trouble finding the SAFE exhibit located just north of College Park. With seven consecutive days of near-perfect weather, folks streamed to the SAFE tent. By the end of the week, over 80 aviation educators took advantage of airshow specials offered by Sporty's and Gleim to SAFE members who joined or renewed during AirVenture. More than 500 bottles of cold water were handed out to quench the thirst of visitors to the tent (many declined water due to the magnificent weather).


A special outreach effort was made to K through 12 teachers and STEM coordinators attending EAA's "Teachers Day." This outreach was so successful that we ran out of the special packets created for teachers who visited our tent. Each packet included a sectional chart, a plotter, an E6B along with lesson plans on how to use these tools for students in grades 8 - 12. In addition, each packet had details for applying for a SAFE grant designed for teachers. It was very encouraging to see how many teachers stopped by to learn more about SAFE and our teacher's grant.


Thanks to the very special generosity of Redbird Chairman Jerry Gregoire, we were able to conduct sim sessions in a Redbird FMX as part of our Pilot Proficiency Project™ (PPP). Many pilots got to fly one or more of the eleven different scenarios designed to maintain and/or improve proficiency and decision-making. 


The seminar portion of SAFE's PPP was held in a large, air-conditioned room within College Park. Many of the seminars drew large crowds. SAFE members presented eleven different topics over the course of the week, and we could have presented more had additional slots been available.


Space does not allow listing the many SAFE members who volunteered their time and expertise to make our presence at AirVenture so successful. None of our efforts, however, would have been possible without their selfless support. Our gratitude goes out to each and every one of our members who volunteered. 

One individual, however, is deserving of special recognition: Bill Ervin, chief instructor for our PPP. The many hours he spent--beginning two days before AirVenture helping to set up the simulator, and continuing beyond the last day-- goes way beyond the call of duty. His intimate mechanical and technological knowledge of the Redbird FMX, teaching methodologies in the simulator, and close relationship with Redbird staff,  ensured the great success we had with the program.  It is hard to express sufficient thanks to Bill for all that he gives to SAFE!


Thus between the beautiful weather, steady visitation to the SAFE tent, and good participation in the PPP, AirVenture 2013 was a resounding success!

SAFE Annual Dinner Sets Records

The SAFE Annual Dinner, sponsored by Starr Aviation, Aviation Insurance Resources, and AOPA, set records this year. The attendance was the best ever, filling the dining hall of the Wittman Regional Airport to capacity. With 140 places set, some attendees were left to find seating in the extra seats that lined the walls. 


Guests of honor included: John Allen, FAA's Director of Flight Standards; Jim Viola, Manager of FAA's General Aviation and Commercial Division; NTSB veteran, Greg Feith; Hal Shevers and Brett Koebbe from Sporty's; Redbird VP, Charlie Gregoire; Hilton Goldstein, CEO of Hilton Software; King Schools President, David Jackson; Ninety-Nines President, Martha Phillips; and all four of this year's National GA Awards winners: Bill Fifles, Bruce Lundquist, Mark Madden and Dean Eichorn.


JoAnn Hill, SAFE 2013 Founders Award Winner

This year's SAFE Founders Award was presented to JoAnn Hill for her "Years of selfless service in support of the Vision and Mission of the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators".







Brian Willett, SAFE 2013 Service Award Winner


 SAFE Service Awards were presented to eNews editor Brian Willett, and outgoing SAFE treasurer, Larry Bothe.









Outgoing Board Chairman, Mark Adams, and Directors Larry Bothe, and Cliff Chetwin were recognized for their years of service, and incoming Board members Jim Anderson, Kevin Murphy, Kurt Reesman, David St. George, and Ray Spengler were introduced. The incoming SAFE Officers were also introduced: John Dorcey, Chairman; Donna Wilt, Vice-Chairman; Jim Anderson, Treasurer; and Jack VanDeventer, Secretary.


Executive Director Doug Stewart presented the annual report to the membership detailing SAFE's achievements over the past year, along with plans for the future. Key highlights are:

  • Eight SAFE members are participating in the ATST ARACWG to create the newly proposed Airman Certification Standards. All members are encouraged to view and comment on the document.
  • SAFE members are represented on the Statistical Analysis Team of the GAJSC as well as the Loss of Control Work Groups.
  • SAFE members Jeff Edwards and Doug Stewart participated in the NTSB "listening session" conducted last spring.
  • The membership committee chaired by Sherry Rossiter is conducting significant outreach to the K-12/STEM community, and has sent email "blasts" to the collegiate academic community and FAASTeam representatives.
  • Automatic renewal along with a refined web renewal process, instituted over the past year, have been major contributory factors in our increased member retention rate. 
  • A SAFE scholarship was once again awarded at the Women in Aviation convention.
  • SAFE continues to create forums for the FAASTeam "Flight Instructor Open Forum" series.
  • As a result of our recent membership survey the SAFE Program Development Committee was created and is chaired by Dee Freewert. The committee will implement membership priorities that include: an eZine; Webinars; and regional member gatherings.
  • The presence of SAFE's PPP at AirVenture, Summit, WAI and Sun'NFun, along with plans for the program to expand to regional events.
  • SAFE collaboration with UPRTA to provide significant review and revision to the soon-to-be-published chapter nineteen of the PHAK dealing with Loss of Control.
  • The appointment of Elaine Kauh as the new chair of the Resource editorial review committee.
  • MOUs signed with the Ninety-Nines to support their "SWIFT" (Supporting Women in Flight Training) program, as well as MOUs signed with AnywhereEducation and iFlightplanner


The editor for our new eZine, Mark Phelps, was introduced. Mark gave a brief summary of his plans for the new publication, noting that the publication would initially be a quarterly eZine of 8 to 12 pages with content that included: a message from the Executive Director; a Calendar; Letters and Feedback from the membership; an Advocacy update; an activity rundown; a member profile; a "There I was" article; and an "Eye of the Examiner" article. Feature articles will include those on Instruction innovations; Technology transitions; Business acumen for flight instructors and flight schools; How students learn (and how they don't). He asked that the membership not be shy in making suggestions and further went on to encourage members to submit articles for consideration even if they weren't writers. As Mark said, his primary function is that of editor, and he will be happy to skillfully massage the message when necessary.


There were two poignant moments during the dinner. The first came when all those who had volunteered to serve either in the SAFE tent greeting visitors, or as instructors for the Pilot Proficiency Project, were asked to stand so that they could receive recognition from their peers. The number of folks standing after all their names had been read was impressive to say the least. To all those who served, SAFE extends its very sincere gratitude!  

SAFE Volunteers



A SAFE Marriage Proposal!
Congratulations, Meg & Mike!


 The second moment came when MCFI and PPP instructor Meg Godlewski proposed marriage to her friend Mike Weinfurter by serenading him in front of the dinner crowd. After Mike got over the shock, he accepted. Congratulations Meg and Mike!


Another record was set with the "door prize" raffle, which raised $1,355, almost tripling what was raised last year. Thanks for this goes to the many contributors of valuable prizes which included: an A20 Headset from Bose; an S1 NoiseGard Headset from Sennheiser; a Bluetooth Speaker from Lightspeed; a Flight Gear Mission Bag and iPad Quick Case from Sporty's; a Brightline Flex Flight Bag from Brightline Bags; two online FIRCs from King Schools; an instructor's online ground school from ASA; a flight bag and two private pilot ground school packets from Jeppesen; from Chuck McGill, a copy of his popular book "Flying the Cessna 210" along with many copies of his "Practical IFR Flying" CD; a pair of RayBan non-polarized sunglasses from DSFI; and more.


All the active CFIs who were present were asked to put their business cards in a container, and before the raffle, Hilton Goldstein, founder of Hilton Software, surprised the audience by extending to all those CFIs a one-year subscription to WingX Pro7. Thank you Hilton!


So all in all the evening was a rousing event. Records were set with attendance and with the quality of the raffle prizes leading to a record in funds raised to support the dinner. SAFE ended up in the black, and in the end, many attendees went home with some wonderful prizes. If you were unable to attend this year's event, be sure to put it on your calendar for next year. 

SAFE Pilot Proficiency Project™ Going National

At a joint press conference hosted by Starr Aviation and SAFE, Doug Stewart announced that the SAFE Pilot Proficiency Project™ will be going nationwide and may be coming to an FBO near you. The plans currently call for quarterly, weekend events that will consist of the opportunity for pilots to fly simulator scenarios and attend a weekend filled with safety seminars. In the evening on Saturdays, there will be the opportunity for SAFE members and invited guests to attend a social gathering to enjoy each other's company, have a light meal, and discuss issues of importance to aviation educators. 


It is hoped that by exposing many pilots to the advantages of maintaining proficiency through the use of simulation, participating FBOs will be able to enlist these pilots into an ongoing program of proficiency training. It is recognized that many pilots are losing their proficiency because they are not flying as frequently due to ever-increasing costs. SAFE's PPP will provide them with a way to maintain their skills in a fun and affordable manner.


Starr Aviation is supporting this endeavor by offering all pilots who participate in the PPP "accident forgiveness", and all participating pilots will receive Wings flight credit for "flying" the simulator scenarios and knowledge credit for attending the seminars. Other sponsors of the weekend PPP currently include: Redbird Flight Simulations; Sennheiser Aviation; AvWeb; and iFlightplanner.


The first of these weekend events is scheduled for October 26 - 27, 2013 and will be held at Redbird's Skyport in San Marcos, TX. If you live within easy traveling distance to Skyport, please mark this on your calendars and stay tuned for registration and lodging details. 

SAFE Resource Center
Inspire teachers and students to explore the fascinating world of aircraft development with this video series from the Emmy´┐Ż award-winning documentary, Wings Over Indiana. Find it in the SAFE Resource Center's list of K-12 Educational Resources. For additional material on aerodynamics, aircraft and other subjects for the classroom, check out the Members Only section of the Resource Center.

Our SAFE Resource Center's Member Section is an exclusive benefit for all SAFE members. To make the most of YOUR membership, take advantage of the wide variety of instructional tools you'll find there. New resources are posted regularly, and you are encouraged to submit your own multimedia materials to the Resource Center.
Recent Master Instructor Designations
Congratulations to these SAFE members!

Adam Dominick RUSCITTI, Master CFI    
Loves Park  IL
  Adam D Ruscitti, a 2-time Master and SAFE member, recently renewed his Master CFI accreditation.  A United Airlines pilot, Adam is also an independent instructor pilot and mentor.  He specializes training and mentoring owner pilots transitioning into single-pilot very light jets  ( as well as initial jet type ratings and recurrent jet training.    
(Photo:  MCFI  Adam Ruscitti of Loves Park, IL)   

Matthew Pope Robbins "Matt" MC DANIEL, Master CFI     
Oak Creek  WI 
Matthew McDaniel, a 6-time Master and SAFEmember, recently renewed his Master CFI accreditation.  A Cirrus Platinum CSIP instructor, Matt owns Progressive Aviation Services (http://progaviation.comat Milwaukee International Airport (MKE) where he specializes in recurrent training in customer-owned Cirrus aircraft.  In addition, he serves as an A-320 series pilot with Virgin America Airlines.   (Photo:  MCFI Matt McDaniel of Oak Creek, WI)
Karen Mayde KAHN, Master CFI   
Santa Barbara  CA 
Karen M Kahn, a 6-time Master and SAFE member, recently renewed her Master CFI accreditation.  Karen ( is a United Airlines 757/767 pilot, aviation author, career counselor, and independent CFI at Santa Barbara Airport (SBA).  She is also active in the Ninety-Nines and serves as a FAASTeam representative in the FAA's Van Nuys FSDO area.  
(Photo:  MCFI Karen Kahn of Santa Barbara, CA)    








Ann-Margaret "Meg" GODLEWSKI, Master CFI & Master GI   

Lakewood  WA
 Meg Godlewski, a 5-time double Master and SAFE member, recently renewed her Master CFI and Master GI accreditations.  A journalist with General Aviation News, Meg is a flight and ground instructor with Safety In Motion Flight Center ( Pierce County Airport (PLU).  Additionally, she teaches at Crest Airpark (S36) and serves as a FAASTeam representative in the FAA's Seattle FSDO area.   (Photo:  MCFI -MGI Meg Godlewski of Lakewood, WA)    
Larry Stephen BOTHE, Master CFI  
Seymour  IN
  Larry S. Bothe, a 7-time Master and SAFE member, recently renewed his Master CFI accreditation.  Larry serves as a board member and treasurer of the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) as well as an independent flight instructor at Freeman Municipal Airport (SER).  Additionally, he is a designated pilot examiner and a FAASTeam representative in the FAA's Indianapolis FSDO area.   
(Photo:  MCFI  Larry Bothe of Seymour, IN)   

Have a SAFE day!

Doug Stewart, Executive Director
Society of Aviation and Flight Educators
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