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1 August 2015 

SAFE represents more than 900 of the industry's top aviation educators in 49 states and nine foreign countries, including the majority of Master Instructors and numerous General Aviation Awards winners in all four awards categories. SAFE developed and is now offering Regional Pilot Proficiency Projects across the U.S.


AirVenture 2015 -- The Week that Was!
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A terrific week-long event for EAA, AirVenture attendees, exhibitors, and SAFE! The weather left little to complain about. Attendance numbers - both people and aircraft were reported to be up and much aviation education took place.



We couldn't begin to do what we do without them. Sponsors that supported SAFE efforts at AirVenture 2015 include Sporty's, Aviation Insurance Resources, Starr Companies, Flying magazine, ASA, and Gleim. A special shout out to Bose Aviation. They donated two of their A20 headsets as participation prizes for our VFR and IFR challenges. Thank you.

VFR/IFR Challenge

More than 100 individuals - SAFE members and non-members alike - attempted the challenge. Either version consisted of a 10-question quiz. The challenge provided an opportunity to review the quiz with participants and correct any errors. Each participant was sent a comparison of scores and details on why the correct answers were correct. The VFR Challenge was won by Bryan Kuklinski of Sanford, FL and the IFR winner was Sidney Karin of Del Mar, CA. Winners were chosen on participation not on scores. Thanks again to Bose for providing two of their A20 headsets as prizes to winners.

At least 48 SAFE members volunteered their time providing hundreds of hours of instruction in one form or another. The EAA Pilot Proficiency Center was busy all week. SAFE members donating their time instructing in the PPC's simulators included Mark Adams, Jason Archer, Veronica Cote, Steve Drymon, Bill Ervin, Rusty Hall, Russell Henson, Linda Langrill, Bob Lussow, Rob Mark, Kelly McMullin, Kevin Meyers, Andy Miller, Allen Oder, Michael Phillips, Sarah Rovner, Jonathon Silva, Martin Sobel, Robert Sparks, Doug Stewart, Paul Uhlig, Tony Vallillo and Jack Vandeventer.


Many of the Tech Talks were standing room only. Presenting Tech Talks in the PPC included SAFE members Taylor Albrecht, Tony Johnstone, Lori MacNichol, David St. George, and Doug Stewart.


Speaking of forums, we know that SAFE members presented numerous presentations including Taylor Albrecht, Larry Bothe, Cliff Chetwin, Parvez Dara, Andy Miller, Woody Minar, Gary Reeves, David St. George, and Jack Vandeventer.


Finally, SAFE members staffed the booth and shared SAFE's story, distributed teacher packets, and assisted participants in the VFR and IFR Challenge. Those members included Ron Amundson, Alan Davis, David Dempsey, John Dorcey, Linda Langrill, John Mahany, Kevin Murphy, Stephen Quigg, John Schmitz, Charles Skelton, David St. George, Erin Thompson, Dennis Wilt, Donna Wilt, Brian Willett, Lou Wipotnik, and Bill Ziesentiz.


Thank you to each and every SAFE member who donated their time and talent to make AirVenture an even better event. (I am sorry if I missed anyone on this list - John)


Annual Banquet and Membership Meeting

Two awards were presented on Thursday evening. The 2015 SAFE Service Award was presented to Chris Palmer of Homer, Alaska. Chris responded to the call for help on SAFE's many committees and spent a productive 8 months serving as chair of the Marketing, Advertising, and Events Committee. Our new look - the new exhibit, new advertisements and more are all the work of the MAE Committee. Thanks for your leadership Chris and congratulations!




The 2015 Founders' Award was presented to Sherry Rossiter of Missoula, Montana. Sherry was recognized for her tireless efforts as a committee chair (she serves on both the ED Search Committee and the Membership Committee) and is a SAFE director. Congratulations Sherry and thank you for all you do for SAFE.

Door prizes were provided by Abingdon Watches,  AKG, CloudAhoy, Gleim, GoFlight Technologies,, Sporty's, and Jack Vandeventer


A review of the organization's accomplishments rounded out the meeting.


SAFE Toolkit App

There is only one acceptable reason why you have yet to download the SAFE Toolkit app - you don't have a smart phone. If that is the case, you are excused. There really is no reason why you shouldn't download it. It is FREE, it is useful, and it was developed by our own David St. George. iOS or Android versions are available at the usual outlets. Share with us what you think.


The Profitable Instructor -- or, How to Make Money Teaching
New Column!

We are introducing a new column for the SAFE eNewsletter. SAFE member Gary Reeves is often asked about making a living, a good living, as a flight instructor. He has developed a presentation addressing that question. Here, in a series of articles, is his response.



There are two truths in aviation. One, you can make a lot of money teaching and two; a lot of people don't believe it. So how do I make over $70,000 a year teaching when other instructors at the same airport can't make enough to cover their rent? The main reason is I don't want students, I want customers that have the drive, time and, money to complete their training goals. This is a huge difference. I've got 25 years of sales experience and have proved that attracting the right customers is the key to success. Every month, I'll share some of the "sales secrets" which have helped me and can help you too.


Let's start with the business card. When people are looking for flight lessons they want someone who makes them feel safe and confident. If you want customers, you must have CREDIBILITY on the first impression.


The business card is easy to get wrong. It's a total waste of money unless you design it to give you credibility and make you stand out from the amateurs. Let's look at two side by side that I created on for the exact same price.










Which one has credibility? Why? Let's start with the logos on the top left. Cartoon images are cute, but not credible unless you're target market is children. Ima's card says she's willing to do anything while John's focus is on training.  Hireme has a professional website and email, but Ima is using her Gmail account from high school. Did you notice that John's card has a "call to action" telling potential students to schedule their first flight?


What other things differences give John more credibility than Ima? One of the biggest differences is using the S.A.F.E. and FAAST logo. Why? What are we really selling? When we sell safety and professionalism the customer feels more secure. What other differences do you notice?


What do you think? Is the business card important? What are the biggest mistakes you've seen on cards? Let me know, send me an email at Next month we'll talk about another important first impression that makes a big difference in whether a customer buys from you or someone else, the way you dress.


About the Author:

Gary Reeves, is a two-time Master Instructor, FAA Safety Team Lead Rep, National Public Speaker, Flight School Owner, and a proud member of SAFE. Learn more about Gary please visit


Recent Master Instructor Designations
Congratulations to these SAFE members!

Natalie ANASTON, Master CFI   
Sacramento  CA 
Natalie Anaston, a 1
st-time Master and SAFE member, recently earned her Master CFI accreditation.  Natalie is a flight and ground instructor with EVA Flight Training Academy at Sacramento Mather Airport (MHR) where she specializes in individualized tutoring and flight operations management.  Additionally, she is active in The 99s and serves as a FAASTeam representative in the FAA's Sacramento FSDO area.  

Ann-Margaret "Meg" GODLEWSKI, Master CFI & Master GI  
Lakewood  WA
Meg Godlewski, a 6-time double Master and SAFE member, recently renewed her Master CFI and Master GI accreditations.  A longtime aviation journalist, Meg is a flight, ground, and Redbird FMX simulator instructor with Safety In Motion Flight Center at Pierce County Airport (PLU) as well as Kent's Crest Airpark (S36).  Additionally, she serves as a FAASTeam representative in the FAA's Seattle FSDO area.

Karen Mayde KAHN, Master CFI   
Santa Barbara  CA 
Karen M Kahn, a 7-time Master and SAFE member, recently renewed her Master CFI accreditation.  Karen is a recently retired airline pilot, aviation author, career counselor, and independent CFI at Santa Barbara Airport (SBA).  She is also a long time Santa Barbara Airport Commissioner and serves as a FAASTeam representative in the FAA's Van Nuys FSDO area.

Francis Martin "Marty" MC DONOUGH, Master CFI-Aerobatic  
Chandler  AZ
Francis M "Marty" McDonough, a 1st-time Master and SAFE member, recently earned his Master CFI-Aerobatic accreditation.   A retired Air Force officer and instructor pilot, Marty is the chief of safety with Aviation Performance Solutions, a Part 141 flight school at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway (IWA)
.  He specializes in upset prevention and recovery training.

Gary Dale REEVES, Master CFI   
Anaheim  CA
Gary D Reeves, a 
2-time Master and SAFE member, recently renewed his Master CFI accreditation.  Gary owns Sunset Flying where he specializes in avionics, flight, and turbine transition training at the Long Beach Airport (LGB).  The founder of the Pilot Safety Institute ( ), he also serves as a FAASTeam representative in the FAA's Long Beach FSDO area.

See you in the pattern...

John Dorcey, Interim Executive Director
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