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1 Feb 2015 

SAFE represents more than 900 of the industry's top aviation educators in 49 states and nine foreign countries, including the majority of Master Instructors and numerous General Aviation Awards winners in all four awards categories. SAFE developed and is now offering Regional Pilot Proficiency Projects across the U.S.


ATD Rule Change,  err... not Change


The Aviation Training Device rule change that wasn't; at least not yet. Many are asking, "What happened? How did we go from a rule change effective January 15, 2015 to the FAA withdrawing that change on January 9, 2015?" The answer begins with FARs 14CFR 11.11 and 11.13. We are all familiar with the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) process; few of us understand or even know of the Direct Final Rule process.


According to FAR 11.13, the FAA issues a direct final rule when it does not expect to receive adverse comments thus making an NPRM unnecessary and making the process more efficient. The caveat is this: if a single adverse comment is received the process stops and the rule is withdrawn. We applaud the FAA for seeking the fast track on this rule change; we, like the FAA, could not foresee anyone being against this change.


FAR 11.13 concludes with the following, "... and may issue an NPRM." We are requesting the FAA to immediately begin the NPRM process. If you are interested in knowing more, the direct final rule withdrawal notice was published in the Federal Register on Thursday, January 15 (p2001).


SAFE Announces Lifetime Membership Option


After several months of study and discussion, the SAFE Board of Directors voted during the January 2015 Board meeting to create a Lifetime Membership option.  The cost to purchase a Lifetime Membership is based on the age of the member at time of purchase.   The Lifetime Membership fee structure is as follows:  


Ages 25-34            $1,000.00

Ages 35-44            $   850.00

Ages 45-54            $   700.00

Ages 55-64            $   550.00

Ages 65+               $   400.00


Creating the Lifetime Membership option in no way changes the other six levels of SAFE membership, which are renewable annually. 


The main reason members of organizations purchase lifetime memberships is because they believe in the mission of the organization, they want to show long term support for the organization, and they want to be recognized for their support.   Not having to pay dues ever again is just an added benefit of Lifetime Membership.


In the last few years, more membership organizations have been offering Lifetime Membership options with fee structures that are more affordable than they have been in the past. This helps membership organizations retain their current members while still attracting new members.  


SAFE will recognize its Lifetime Members by listing their names in a special section of the website, listing their names in the quarterly e-magazine, and showing the Lifetime Member designation besides their name in the Members Directory listing.


If you are interested in purchasing a Lifetime Membership, please go to the SAFE website ( and click on the banner in the middle of the home page.



SAFE Ambassador Program Launched


SAFE is pleased to announce a new program to help spread the word in the general aviation community about SAFE's mission and vision for aviation education. The initiative, which has been named the SAFE Ambassador Program, will increase SAFE's presence at aviation events and get more of our members involved in growing the organization.


Here's how the Ambassador Program works: Any SAFE member who would like to represent SAFE at a local, state, or national aviation events should contact JoAnn Hill, who has volunteered to coordinator the Ambassador Program, and she will send you a SAFE Ambassador toolkit. In the toolkit, you will find an official name badge with the SAFE logo, a clipboard, some SAFE brochures and membership applications, and a two-page flyer explaining the benefits of joining SAFE. If you meet someone at the aviation event you're attending who you believe would be interested in learning more about SAFE's mission or about SAFE membership, you will have information to leave with them. By being a SAFE Ambassador, you will widen your own network in the aviation community and also help SAFE grow.


Any SAFE member who signs up to be a SAFE Ambassador and attends at least one local, state, or national aviation event between February 1 and July 23, 2015, will have their name listed in the monthly SAFE e-News and have their name entered into a drawing for an aviation headset. The drawing for the headset will take place at SAFE's annual meeting at AirVenture 2015.


Please contact JoAnn Hill at or 303-458-8136 to obtain a SAFE Ambassador toolkit. JoAnn will include your name for the drawing, verify your mailing address, and make note of which aviation event you are planning to attend.


SAFE Member Discounts

Have you ever taken a stroll through the discount section of the Members Only page? There are some great deals on products and services many instructors use everyday. From headsets to flight bags, software to gourmet coffee, it's all there, and the savings are pretty enticing. 


This month, we highlight an offering from one of the early SAFE members, Michael Maya Charles. His groundbreaking book, Artful Flying is one of the few books that address the "why" of flying, not just the "how." It's chock-full of stories to make the book's points, drawing from Capt. Maya Charles' 40+ years of solid experience flying helicopters, aerobatics, simple stick and rudder Cubs to heavy jets. 


Michael tells us that some of his instructor customers give each of their clients a copy of the book when they start flying with them - no matter what experience level the client has. Some chief pilots say the book is "Required reading - if you want to work here."


On the cover blurb, legendary pilot Bob Hoover, says simply, "This book could change your life."


Here are a few excepts from the book: 


"Artful Flying is intention married to attention." 


"There should always be art in our effort, though art is not always the result."


"Experience is the quiver from which we pull our arrows. Wisdom is the way we use them."


"Good pilots embrace the Dark Side of learning."


"Practice isn't just something we do, it's something we become."


"Artful Flying is not about pushing for perfection. It's about aiming for excellence!"


"The aviation world is flush with technicians; artists are few. 

Artist or technician: which do you want to be?"


This amazing book - which guarantees that you'll think differently about your flying once you've read it - is available for $27.96, a 20% discount off list price, to all SAFE members. 


Sun n' Fun 2015


Mark your calendars for April 21-26 and join us, and several thousand of your closest friends, as we bask in the Florida sun. SAFE will have an exhibit booth at our typical location of NE-006. We have plans for additional events throughout the week. Are you conducting a forum or would you like to staff the SAFE booth? Send an email to johndorcey@gmail and we'll put you on the list.




Amazon Smile
Have you signed up for Amazon Smile? Same Amazon, same prices, only Amazon will donate 0.5%  of the eligible purchase to SAFE when you access the site through this link SAFE and AmazonSmile .  Sign up today. Have your friends sign up too!


Recent Master Instructor Designations
Congratulations to these SAFE members!

David Alan "Dave" CARROLL, Master CFI-Aerobatic      (Renew:  1Jan15)   
Scottsdale  AZ
David A Carroll, a 2-time Master and a member of IAC as well as SAFE, recently renewed his Master CFI-Aerobatic accreditation.  Dave teaches with Aviation Performance Solutions at Mesa's Gateway Airport
 (IWA).  A retired US Air Force instructor pilot and active in the Commemorative Air Force (CAF), he now specializes in upset recovery, spin, and aerobatic flight training.

Timothy John "Tim" CARTER, Master CFI-Aerobatic      (Initial:  6Jan15)   
Fort Worth  TX
Timothy J Carter, a 1st-time Master as well as as well as a member of SAFE and IAC, recently earned his Master CFI-Aerobatic accreditation.  A former Air Force instructor pilot, Tim teaches aerobatics, upset prevention and upset recovery with APS Emergency Maneuver Training at Arlington Municipal Airport (GKY).  Additionally, he serves as an IAC national aerobatic judge while also mentoring other judges and judge candidates. 


Linda Fritsche "Linda" CASTNER, Master Aviation Educator (MAE)    (Initial: 1Jan15) 
Pittstown  NJ
Linda F Castner, a 1
st-time Master and SAFE member, recently earned her Master Aviation Educator (MAE) accreditation.  Linda co-owns, operates, and manages Alexandria Field Airport (N85).  As an FAA certificated advanced ground instructor, she teaches ground schools that focus on the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) aspects of aviation using her airport as a living lab.

Andrew David "Drew" CHITIEA, Master CFI     
Black Hawk  CO
Andrew D Chitiea, a 9-time Master and charter SAFE member, recently renewed his Master CFI accreditation.  Drew is a published aviation author as well as a corporate pilot, chief pilot, and owner of Colorado Skymaster LLC at Centennial
 (APA) and Front Range (FTG) airports.  He also serves as a FAASTeam representative and a designated pilot examiner (DPE) in the FAA's Denver FSDO area.

Kelby Scott FERWERDA, Master CFI    
Walkersville  MD
Kelby S Ferwerda, a 2-time Master and SAFE member, recently renewed his Master CFI accreditation.  Kelby is the manager of AOPA's flying club initiative where he promotes the development and growth of flying clubs.  The former owner / operator of Rochester Aviation in New Hampshire, he also now works as an independent flight and ground instructor in the Frederick, Maryland area.

See you in the pattern...

John Dorcey, Interim Executive Director
Society of Aviation and Flight Educators
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