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May 2013 

SAFE represents more than 700 of the industry's top aviation educators in 49 states and nine foreign countries, including the majority of Master Instructors and numerous General Aviation Awards winners in all four awards categories. SAFE is also leading the Pilot Training Reform Initiative.

American Bonanza Society Announces the ABS Flight Instructor Academy

Are you an experienced flight instructor wanting to become even better at teaching in Beechraft Bonanzas, Debonairs, Barons and Travel Airs?  Do you want to learn how to safely and effectively teach in Beech airplanes, but don't yet have experience in type?   Do you want to increase your business as a full or part-time flight instructor?  Would you like to become an instructor in the American Bonanza Society's Beechcraft Pilot Proficiency Program (BPPP)?  Then the ABS Flight Instructor Academy is for you.  


How to Teach Beech


The ABS Flight Instructor Academy teaches certificated flight instructors the techniques, procedures and safety protocols developed by ABS in over three decades of teaching in Beech aircraft.  ABS' goal with the ABS Flight Instructor Academy is to ensure that Beech pilots everywhere have convenient access to safe, informed and effective type-specific training, in or out of the BPPP system.  This is a major effort in support of the mission of the ABS Air Safety Foundation: to protect lives and preserve the Beechcraft fleet.


Academy graduates' names and contact information will go on a referral list on the ABS website ( for the nearly 9300 members of ABS-all of whom need training at least biennially, and are looking for type-knowledgeable CFIs.  For full details and to enroll in the $125 ABS Flight Instructor Academy, see

New "Proposed" Airman Certification Standards Published in Federal Register


As has been noted in previous issues of the SAFE eNews, eight SAFE members have been part of a committee working on developing new Airman Certification Standards (ACS) to replace the current Knowledge Test and Practical Test. These ACS' will go a long way in improving the way we teach and test pilots by fostering learning at the higher levels of application and correlation. Further, by including Risk Management as a core part of the ACS, pilot safety will be greatly enhanced. Two of the proposed ACS' (Private Pilot and Instrument Rating) are now available for comment, and you are strongly encouraged to participate in this comment period


The ARAC ATST WG Notice of availability; request for comments has been published in the Federal Register.  (This link will take you to the Notice: The comment period is open until May 24, 2013.


The draft Private Pilot and Instrument Rating ACS documents, as well as the Background Information, are available in the assigned Docket (Docket No FAA-2013-0316), which can be accessed at the following link:!docketDetail;D=FAA-2013-0316If the direct link does not work, then you can access the documents by entering the Docket No. in the Search menu when you go to  As you will note there is a link on the right menu bar for submission of comments.  As comments post, they will be available for review in the same docket. Please take part by adding your comments.

SAFE Members Participate in NTSB "Listening Session"
SAFE members Jeff Edwards, representing the Lancair Owners and Builders Organization(LOBO), Tom Turner, representing the American Bonanza Society (ABS) and SAFE executive Director Doug Stewart participated in a "Listening Session" chaired by NTSB member Dr. Earl Weener. The session sought input from industry members on ways that the NTSB could improve how it investigates general aviation accidents.

Other organizations participating included: AOPA, EAA, ERAU, FAA, GAMA, IHST, and NASA. One of the major recurring themes throughout the four hour session was the need for the NTSB to gather more data relative the human factors involved in accidents, specifically: recency of experience; recency of recurrent training; types of recurrent training; testing and check ride history; and the history of the pilot during the 72 hours immediately preceeding the accident.

The initiatives of the NTSB in seeking input from industry members, as well as the enthusiastic participation of industry members in providing the input, is a positive move forward in "changing the culture" of GA safety. In many ways the SAFE chaired "Pilot Training Symposium" has been a catylist in this change to a more positive, cohesive effort by all factors of the general aviation community working together to solve the persistent safety problems that exist.

Redbird Flight Simulations Offers First Redbird Certified Instructor Course

Redbird Flight Simulation is offering SAFE instructors a unique opportunity to become Redbird Certified Instructors. Redbird will host its first instructor certification class June 15-16 at their Skyport operation in San Marcos, Texas. Space is limited to the first 12 instructors who sign up. The two-day course will consist of: one day of intense Redbird simulator operation; followed by a day of flying and instructing the Pilot Proficiency Project scenarios.


Those who successfully complete this course will become the first Redbird Certified Instructors. This first certification class is being offered at no cost to the attendee. Attendees will receive a reduced rate at the Embassy Suites Hotel in San Marcos.


If you are interested in becoming one of the first - in - the - country to be certified as a Redbird Instructor you need to send an email to  SAFE Chairman Mark Adams ( no later than May 10th. Class size will be limited to twelve people, so don't delay. This is an excellent opportunity to learn the Redbird FMX, as well as share some quality time with fellow SAFE educators.

iFlightPlanner Discount for SAFE Members

A discount for iFlightPlanner is now an additional benefit to SAFE members.  Featuring a web-based "Flight Wizard" that can be accessed via or, you can intuitively plan your routes with interactive weather overlays, retrieve FAA certified weather briefs, calculate weight & balance and file VFR, IFR and ICAO flight plans --  all in one guided process.  If you fly with an iPad, you can wirelessly sync your flights with iFlightPlanner for iPad (presented by Sennheiser) and have seamless, on-the-go cockpit functionality with a GPS-enabled moving map over georeferenced VFR or IFR charts.


iFlightPlanner was launched in 2010 by Andy Matthews and John Burnside on the premise that there needed to be a more comprehensive and intuitive method for electronic flight planning.  The company continues to develop its products based on direct feedback from its users.   "Every new feature is rooted in member feedback" said Matthews, iFlightPlanner's Co-Founder & Director of Business Development.  "We believe in providing our members fast and personal customer service.  We are looking forward to working with SAFE and its membership to help shape the future of iFlightPlanner!"


Your SAFE membership entitles you to save $20 off iFlightPlanner Premium annual memberships (reg. $89.95) or $5 off renewable 3-month memberships (reg. $24.95).  iFlightPlanner Premium unlocks a wealth of additional features including the ability to save and use custom waypoints in your planning, an integrated weight & balance calculator and the functionality to export detailed navigation logs to Garmin or other GPS devices; just to name a few.  Through their partnership with Sennheiser Aviation, free flight planning memberships are also available that include access to iFlightPlanner's integrated iPad app.


For more information and to claim your member benefit with iFlightPlanner please visit

Master Instructors LLC Revamps Website, Expands Presence in Social Media
Accreditation Program Aims to Reach More Qualified Aviation Educators
Master Instructors LLC (MI LLC) recently announced that it has overhauled its entire website and established a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  Responding to a survey of Master Instructors as well as feedback from members of the Master Instructor Continuing Education Program (MICEP) Board of Review, program administrators Sandy and JoAnn Hill are now expanding MICEP's visibility and appeal to more aviation educators.  Numerous Masters volunteered to assist with the upgrades, including producing the program's first in a series of promotional videos (visit ).

According to Sandy Hill, "The time has come to be more proactive with the program, to actively reach out to more of the nation's and world's qualified aviation educators and challenge them to become Masters."  Hill continued, "At the same time, we are working to streamline the application process while maintaining the same rigorous standards our Masters have come to expect from this challenging-yet-rewarding program."  MICEP is converting from paper-based applications to a more efficient online process.  The Hills plan to have the changeover completed and in place before Oshkosh AirVenture 2013.

The Master Instructor Continuing Education Program
 (MICEP) is a family of six diverse, voluntary accreditations available to qualified aviation educators.  The program is based on a system of advanced professional standards and rigorous peer review.  It identifies and recognizes educators who have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to excellence and professional growth in, as well as service to, the aviation community while establishing professional standards to which all aviation educators should aspire.  According to a 2010 survey of all Masters, most reported a 10 to 40 percent increase in income as a result of earning their accreditations.

The Master Instructor accreditation program, highly acclaimed and recognized by industry and the Federal Aviation Administration
 (FAA), was conceived in 1995.  Currently, there are approximately 97,000 FAA certificated flight instructors in the United States.  More than 1600 initial and renewing Master Instructor candidate's portfolios have been reviewed since the program's inception.  Fewer than 800 aviation educators have achieved the accreditation thus far.  The last 18 National Flight Instructors of the Year or FAASTeam Representatives of the Year were Masters who have earned the prestigious "Master" title.
For more information, see:
SAFE Resource Center
Robert Goddard, Howard Hughes, Burt Rutan;  these are just a few of the many famous names in the history of aviation and aerospace.  Inspire your young students and their teachers to study these legendary figures with Sherry Knight Rossiter's new essay, "The Importance of Visionaries in Aviation & Aerospace."  Find it under the "Teaching Middle  & Elementary School Students" topic in the Member Contributed Resources section.

Our SAFE Resource Center's Member Section is an exclusive benefit for all SAFE members. To make the most of YOUR membership, take advantage of the wide variety of instructional tools you'll find there. New resources are posted regularly, and you are encouraged to submit your own multimedia materials to the Resource Center.


Recent Master Instructor Designations
Congratulations to these SAFE members!

Raylene B ALEXANDER, Master Aviation Educator    (Renew:  5Apr13)   
Lindsborg  KS
 Raylene B Alexander recently renewed her Master Aviation Educator (MAE) accreditation.  Raylene is an associate professor of aviation maintenance and avionics in Kansas State University's department of aviation technology at Salina Municipal Airport (SAL).  A US Marine Corps veteran, she is also active in the University Aviation Association and Women in Aviation.

Gordon Ashby EWALD, Master Instructor Emeritus      (1Apr13)
Hardy  VA

Gordon A Ewald, a 6-time Master and SAFE member, was recently granted Master Instructor Emeritus status in recognition of his many years of commitment to excellence, professional growth, service to the aviation community, and quality aviation education.  Gordon specializes in primary, instrument, and recurrent training at several local airports including Roanoke Regional.  He also serves as a volunteer Mid-Atlantic Angel Flight pilot.


Thomas Michael "Mike" GARRISON, Master CFI      (Renew:   10Apr13)   
Leawood  KS

T Michael Garrison, a 6-time Master and SAFE member, recently renewed his Master CFI accreditation.  The holder of a Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award, Mike is an independent flight instructor specializing in instrument, multiengine and Cirrus training at Johnson County Executive Airport (OJC).  A US Navy veteran, he also serves as a designated pilot examiner in the FAA's Kansas City FSDO area.


Paul GRETSCHEL, Master CFI    (Renew:  10Apr13) 

Coram  NY
Paul Gretschel, a 5-time Master and SAFE member, recently renewed his Master CFI accreditation.  Paul is a flight and ground instructor with the Bonanza Pilot Proficiency Program as well as the owner of PACK Aviation.  He also serves as an aviation safety inspector (ASI) and a FAASTeam representative in the FAA's Farmingdale FSDO.
Mark William LAMB, Master Aviation Educator    (Initial:  5Apr13)   
Yardville  NJ
 Mark W Lamb, a 1st-time Master and SAFE member,  recently earn his Master Aviation Educator (MAE) accreditation.  Mark is an aviation technology instructor at Ocean County Vocational Technical School in Jackson, NJ.  An airframe and powerplant (A&P) technician as well as a US Air Force veteran, he also serves as a committee chair on the New Jersey Aviation Education Council.
Quay Carlton SNYDER, Master CFI    (Renew: 1Apr13) 
Monument  CO
Quay C Snyder, a 6-time Master and a SAFE member, recently renewed his Master CFI accreditation.  Quay is a pilot examiner and FAASTeam rep in the FAA's Denver FSDO area as well as the Black Forest Soaring Society's chief glider CFI at Kelly Air Park (CO15).  He is also the president & CEO of Aviation Medicine Advisory Service specializing in aeromedical certification for pilots and air traffic controller.
Cathleen Moira "Cathy" STEELE, Master CFI    (Renew:  8Apr13) 
Severna Park  MD
Cathleen M Steele, a 6-time Master and SAFE member, recently renewed her Master CFI accreditation.  An independent flight and ground instructor, Cathy specializes in instrument and Cirrus flight training at Baltimore Washington International (BWI) and Martin States Airports (MTN).  She also serves as a FAASTeam representative in the Baltimore FSDO area.





FMI: Master Instructors LLC 

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