60 safe food trucks to choose from!
Food Trucks Serving Safely
Our food trucks are safely feeding people who may not be able to leave work, neighborhoods, commercial complexes and anywhere people need Prepared Meals.
Trucks are using order ahead option, sanitizing cards, not accepting cash and maintaining order in the waiting lines ensuring that people remain 6 feet away from each other.

This is a great option for your Neighborhood, Company or any Agencies that are called up for Emergency Service and need food.

You can book food trucks here at www.FoodTruckAtl.com or follow the link below.

These trucks are part of our initiative to provide safe curbside pickup at our location from more than 60 Restaurants, Prepared Meals and Local grocery goods. This is an awesome way to support the many small businesses that make their home at PREP. We ask you to please share this message in any way that you can.
Meeting the demand for Safe - Contact Free
Prepared Meals & Food Products.

There are so many people who still have to report to work, agencies that are being engaged, health workers and elderly that need to be fed. This initiative is open to the public as well.

ChowDownAtl.com lists the businesses at PREP that are ready to provide from 1 to 1000 meals and specialty products.

The way that this works is to order and pay online.
If you are picking up your food, every participating businesses will provide information on how to alert them that you are here to pick up.

Visitors will remain in their cars until their products are brought out.

There are many items that can be ordered online and be delivered via standard delivery methods.

Food trucks remain ready to engage for those needing onsite meal service.

Please help support small businesses in this time of coming together as one.

Pickup will be at 3781 Presidential Parkway, and 3300 Marjan Drive to be determined by the vendors that you choose. Many have delivery options available.

Have you thought about sending prepared meals to you local Police, Fire, Hospital workers and others who are out working to keep all of us safe?
All participating businesses are observing and training staff to follow extreme safety and sanitizing procedures
Try a Different Food Truck Every Day!
Don't forget, Food trucks are safely operating daily at our Truck & Tap locations in Alpharetta, Woostock and Duluth. Curbside Pickup.

This is a ONE TIME email send to those who have previously requested information on booking a food truck @ FoodTruckAtl.com an initiative of PREP. If you do not wish to be contacted again, please use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the page.