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October 2012

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Dice! Dice! Dice! Dice!
Welcome to the latest issue of our Newsletter.

Raven's Shadow Update
Mon Dieu! C'est en Francais!



 Here's the working cover for the French version of The Raven's Shadow, the next supplement for the SAGA Dark Age Skirmishes ruleset.


The book is set for release mid November and at the moment we are putting together a Raven's Shadow Newsletter Special that will be sent out shortly. It will give you all the details on the supplement and its supporting figure releases....


Gall-Gaedhil for SAGA

or Sons of Death if that's easier.

 Sons Of Death


SFH04 The Gall-Gaedhil, Sons of Death - These ruthless mercenaries of Norse
& Gael blood are new Swords For Hire available to any SAGA faction.
Eight new action-packed figures from Soapy come complete with bases and
weapons plus a Rules Card with all the rules you need to terrify your
opponents in your next game of SAGA. �12.00 plus P&P.     


Painting by Artmaster Studio. 


Available here! 




He's a Hero of The Viking Age for SAGA don't you know.
 SAGA Gunnar

Gunnar is now available packaged for SAGA.
SHVA06 Gunnar Hamundarson -  One of the most colourful characters of the
Viking Age, this new SAGA Hero is set to lead many a Viking Warband to victory.
This fantastic figure by Duncan Patten comes complete with base and weapon
plus a Rules Card with all the rules you need to incorporate him into your
SAGA games. �3.50 plus P&P.


Available here! 



Characterful Miniatures

from Musketeer Miniatures


Included in the latest Musketeer Miniatures releases are two packs of Early Saxon characters:


SAX01a Hengist & Horsa (2) �6.00

Hengist and Horsa 


SAX01b Aella & His Bannerman (2) �6.00



Top work from Musketeer Bill Thornhill and super paint job by Adey Burt.

The packs are available here 


Adey has also painted for us some of Musketeer's other recent releases:


Here are GNWR09 Great Northern War Russian Cavalry Command (3) �9.00 and

GNWR10 Russian Grenadiers (3) �9.00

Russian grenadier 


 GNWR09 Great Northern War Russian Cavalry Command (3) �9.00 and

 GNW11 Russian Dragoons (3) �9.00

Russian Cav 


Great Northern War Russians available here 




Adey has also painted both of the BEF cavalry packs:

BEF13 command (3) �9.00


BEF14 BEF Cavalry Troopers (3) �9.00




BEF available here 



SAGA Dice Small Restock! 
No truth in rumour that they were found down the back of Lord S's sofa

 Dice Mountain 
Good news! We have just received a small resupply of SAGA dice. Our manufacturer has just sent us a small restock before switching our next production run onto one of their big machines usually reserved for the likes of Games Workshop. This means that we will be able to get SAGA dice much, much easier in the future.




Pip pip!  

Lord S

Gripping Beast

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