SAGE Report Card
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A new wave has hit Sage Day in Boonton - a technology wave, that is.  In preparation for some changes next year, students have access to online learning tools in the classroom via new ChromeBook computers. These devices are a new product from Google and make use of an all online application system. They are light-weight, fast, and easily connect from one classroom to the next. Use of individual online Google accounts allows standard access to e-mail, documents, applications, and other productivity and communications from any web accessible device outside of school as well. We look forward to seeing how this technology will continue to improve students technology literacy and expand teaching options for our staff as well. 


Thank you on behalf of the Student Council for helping raise $310 to donate to the American Society for Suicide Prevention. The organization helps promote awareness about issues relating to depression and suicide. Their annual fundraiser, Out of the Darkness Overnight, is being held in Washington, D.C. on June 1-2.  With matching funds, $620 has been given to the charity on behalf of Sage Day at Boonton Students! 


Coming Events at Sage Boonton High School

  • June 5  -  Parent support group, 7:30 P.M.
  • June 7 -   End of year trip to Six Flags 
  • June 10-21 - 12:30 dismissal daily  
  • June 17 & 18 - Final exams 
  • June 21- Graduation, 11A.M. 
  • June 21 - Last day of school 
  • July 1-  Summer school begins 


  • Our Hurricane Sandy Relief fundraiser was a HUGE success. We collected $938.27 that will be donated to help New Jersey rebuild. 
  • The Student Council hosted our Annual School Carnival on May 31st in the courtyard. 
  • SDF Field Day was June 3rd. This annual field day is a party to celebrate the fact that students have "survived the year". The class gathered in the gym for a Chinese food lunch and they watched a movie to relax and share their experiences of the year.
  • On June 6th we will have a play performance by our Acting Club. The play has eight actors         this year and the program will consist of 3 one-act comedies. Mr. Leonard will be making a guest appearance and doing a scene with Mr. Tanis.  
  • Our Parent Association hosts a "Staff Appreciation Luncheon" on June 12th. The parents come in and transform our cafeteria into a theme. The staff is treated to a lunch and love sampling some of their favorite recipes. This afternoon is one of the most memorable for the RP staff.
  • End-of-year picnic is June 20th at the Saddle Brook County Park. There will be a softball game, different activities, yearbook signing, music and a picnic lunch hosted by our Student Council. This is a very special time for all our students, especially our seniors who are leaving Sage Day.  


Coming Events at Sage Rochelle Park High School

  • June 6- . Play performance by our Acting Club. 
  • June 7  - End of year trip to Point Pleasant.
  • June 12- Appreciation Luncheon, hosted by our Parents Association.
  • June 12 -18 - Final exams 
  • June 12- 21 - 12:30 Dismissal
  • June 19 - Senior Breakfast. Our Parent Association take our seniors                         out to a local diner and treats them to breakfast. 
  • June 20 - End-of-year picnic at the Saddle Brook County Park.
  •  June 21- Commencement, 10:30AM. RP will be graduating 23 seniors                      this year. The theme is, "This isn't the end...It is only the                              beginning." 


The month of June at Sage Day Lower & Middle School is a time of reflection.  Looking back at the accomplishments that our students have made both academically and personally, we can all be extremely proud of them.  June is a time to celebrate!  


Our 8th graders will be moving up to high school, students in grades 5 - 7 looking to step up to the next grade and a variety of recreational activities to reward the hard work that students and staff shared on their journey to success. Congratulations to the entire Sage Day Lower & Middle School for a job well done!


Coming Events at Sage Mahwah Lower & Middle School

  • June 5 -   Curriculum Challenge
  • June 6 -   Talent show
  • June 11 - Point Pleasant Beach, trip returns to school at 4P.M.
  • June 14 - Grade 8 Family Breakfast
  • June 17 - Noon time dismissal
  • June 18 - Grade 8 to Dorney Park, trip returns to school at 6 P.M.                               Grades 5 - 7:  Special Events Day
  • June 19 - Sage Day Middle School Picnic
  • June 21 - Grade 8 Commencement, 10:00A.M.
  • June 21 - Last day of classes
  • July 1- August 2 - Extended school year summer program