SAGE Report Card
Boonton   Mahwah   Rochelle Park 
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We are excited about something new that we will be trying. A few of our teachers  will be sending out emails to graduates of Sage Day from the past few years. We are going to invite them to come in for an Alumni Luncheon. This will be an informal gathering of our former students for an afternoon of coffee and light fare. This will take place on January 8 from 1-2:30 p.m. Our objective is to keep a connection with our grads and support them. It would be a great time for them to share some common concerns, difficulties or transition challenges.The staff members who are responsible for initiating this are Dan Montesano and Corie Stone. 


Coming Events at Sage Rochelle Park High School

  • January 2- Classes Resume
  • January 8- Alumni Luncheon 
  • January 14 - NHS Induction 6:30p.m. 
  • January 16-22 -  Midterm Exams 
  • January 23- Second Marking Period Ends 
  • January 24- Second Semester Begins

The Boonton Student Council has been focused on spreading warmth during the chilly month of December. To help warm those in need, they sponsored a clothing drive. Donations of coats, shoes and all types of weather apparel were brought in by students and staff. The donations were given to charity for distribution to help disadvantaged families and individuals. 


Students also warmed the hearts of residents at Merry Heart Care Center in Boonton. After serenading them with rousing rounds of holiday songs and 

merriment, the students visited those in attendance and presented them with flowers to brighten their day. It was a gesture that lightened the spirits of students and Merry Heart residents. 


As our year comes to a close in Boonton, we look forward to new adventures, growth and learning in 2013. One project in process has been unfolding and students will see the final results early next year. In an effort to promote self efficacy we have started transforming the steps that all students and staff take each day. We will keep you posted on progress and share more about the purpose in the near future. 


Coming Events at Sage Boonton High School

  • January 7- Progress Reports  
  • January 9- Parent Support Group, 7:30p.m. 
  • January 24- Third Marking Period Begins 
  • January 31- Parent Teacher Conferences 


The ice skating trip to the Mennen Arena in Morristown on December 18, was enjoyed by students and staff and had everyone in the holiday spirit. The Middle School had a festive last school day on December 21, which also ushered in the first day of the winter. 


The New Year brings increasing brightness as we gain a little more daylight each day and a sense of renewed energy for what will be a healthy, happy and successful year. During the break parents and guardians should encourage their children to be active, spend time outdoors and monitor the time devoted to computer games and the internet. Reading throughout the break provides a link to skills and keeps your child school ready.


On behalf of The Sage Day Middle School Educational and Clinical Faculty, we wish you and your family a prosperous and safe 2013 and we look forward to our work together in the coming New Year!


Coming Events at Sage Mahwah Middle School

  • January 2- 12:30 Dismissal 
  • January 23- Second Marking Period Ends
  • January 24- Third Marking Period Begins