Displayed along our school hallways are 20 different construction-paper Barn Quilt patterns created by SAGES’ second graders. This project was cross-curricular incorporating math by using shapes and measurement, plus reading and writing, social studies, and agriculture. Once posted, the entire school was invited to follow the "Barn Quilt Trail," listen to the persuasive audio accompanying each barn quilt, and then vote for their favorite. Congratulations, Ryleigh! Her sunflower pattern earned the most votes and will be what the 2nd graders paint on a 4'x4' wooden board as an actual "Barn Quilt" to be auctioned off at the April 15th "Friends of SAGES Banquet & Fundraiser."

You're invited... To take the "Barn Quilt Trail" virtually, plus hear persuasive letters written and read by each learner. Simply visit: https://eduvision.tv/l?eLAtRm