May 2018

We can hardly believe the end of the school year is here and summer is just a stone’s throw away!

For SAVE A GIRL, SAVE A WORLD, it means we are planning summer engagement activity for our 8 th Annual Retreat, to be held November 9-11 th , 2018. Our goal is to ensure we bring you a year-round program of engaging content, bonding opportunities and touch-points.

In April (Financial Literacy Month), we gave an eight-week assignment on financial literacy that when completed, will make each of you eligible to participate in activities throughout the summer into the fall. The first activity was SAGSAW attending the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting with Ms. Gail Perry Mason.

The financial literacy project, supported by the Coca-Cola Foundation, provided SAVE A GIRL, SAVE A WORLD with a financial literacy grant. The grant has allowed SAGSAW to launch a financial literacy curriculum which includes the World of Money app, content, and hands-on activity for all of our mentors and mentees #COKEGIVESBACKNA.

We are grateful to Coca-Cola for allowing us to fulfill our mission of educating each of you on fundamentals of Wealth Literacy and Legacy, one of our important SAGSAW pillars.

Our spring newsletter highlights our HBOB activities; Power Rising Summit; Book Challenge; profiles of graduates; Dreamwalkers Academy and much, much, more!!!!

As the school semester ends, we know there are graduations, students studying abroad, internships, jobs, vacation fun, and summer school.

Whatever you’re doing this summer, we'd love for you to share your experiences on our social media and make sure you check out our new SAVE A GIRL, SAVE A WORLD website.

In closing, I’d like to leave you with this thought; we see powerful potential in each one of you, and we ask that you dare to change old ideas and practices so that we as mentors can assist you in directing your power toward positive ends. Our role is to use our power to empower you!
#BLACKGIRLMAGIC is more of what the world needs! #SAGSAW
P.S. Save the Date 8 th Annual SAVE A GIRL, SAVE A WORLD Retreat November 9-11 th , 2018!!!!! 
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Congratulations to our 2018 Graduates
Destiny Allen graduated from Stephenson High School, Stone Mountain, GA. She plans to attend Paul Mitchell Beauty School and Clark Atlanta University, majoring in Mass Communications and Marketing. Destiny said, “SAGSAW has helped me see my true potential by showing that there's more to me than just a pretty face and that I can do everything I set my mind to, including building my brand. SAGSAW has allowed me to interact with truly phenomenal people to help me grow along in my journey.
Demaris Banister graduated from the Early Middle College at Bennett, Greensboro, NC. She will be attending East Carolina University, majoring in neuroscience science on a pre-medical track. Demaris said, “my mentor has helped me stay encouraged throughout my high school career and I am sure she will do the same in college. She has served as a sound board for my ideas on many occasions. She has also shared her similar experience with me as well.”
Carmesha Blackmon graduated from the Early Middle College at Bennett, Greensboro, NC. Carmesha will be attending Bennett College on a full ride scholarship. Carmesha says "SAGSAW and her mentor instilled in her so many valuable life lessons such as, networking, being a leader, and staying true to herself." She believe these characteristics have help to mold her into the person she is today and for that she is so thankful.
Angelina Bryant earned a Bachelors in Business Administration and Management from Bennett College, Greensboro, NC. She plans to plan to further her education and earn a Master's degree in Biomedical Sciences.
Angelina said "SAG SAW has been a support system along her journey and encouraged her as a young women to be successful. Her mentor has truly kept her informed and provided a wealth of knowledge based on her career interest."
Akeema Duff earned a Bachelors in Speech Communication from Clark Atlanta University. She plans to gain some work experience as a Junior Account Manager before attending graduate school. Akeema said "Her mentor has She has checked up on her throughout the year and sent her any information about internships or jobs that were a good suite for her."

Toshana Mbombo earned a Bachelors in Business Administration and Management from Bennett College, Greensboro, NC. She will remain in Greensboro, NC and is looking to start a career in Property Management & Commercial Real Estate. Toshana said, Ms. Lowe and Ms. Cole, [SAG, SAW mentors], have been great supporters throughout this journey from the words of wisdom and encouragement they provided along the way.
Fanta Meite graduated from the Early Middle College at Bennet, Greensboro, NC. She will be furthering her education at East Carolina University, majoring in chemistry. Fanta said, “SAGSAW helped me figure what I really wanted to do in life and have provided the knowledge I needed to know to be successful.
Alezaihvia Melendez earned a Bachelors in Social Work from Bennett College, Greensboro, NC. She will be attending the University of Southern California in Fall 2018. Alezaihvia said “SAG, SAW and my mentor has helped me by giving me that extra support and motivation to push through the rest of my time at Bennett College.
Chelsea Tubbs earned a Bachelors in Business Administration from Bennett College, Greensboro, NC. She has accepted a position in Shanghai, China as a English teacher with the Education First department. Chelsea said, “SAGSAW had helped by opening their arms up to embrace a timid and not confident young girl. These women treated me like family and have instilled so much confidence within me. My mentor Ms. Denise Pines has always saw and pushed out the best in me. Joining SAGSAW has truly taught me how to be selfless and to believe in myself no matter where I come from. I can't wait to become a mentor and hopeful change someone’s life as they did for me.
Mentees joins the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Meeting
Omaha, NE
This opportunity was made possible by Coca Cola.
DreamWalking with Sonia Jackson-Myles
Dreamwalking is a powerful program designed to assist people with taking their dreams from their heart, to their head, to their hands and ultimately to their feet where they are walking in purpose and designing their destiny.  

It was such an honor to hold Arneshia Scott and Ophelia Murray’s hands and hearts as they pursued their Dreams to Design Their Destiny.  The young ladies were such a pleasure to work with. Their performance in the program was powerful and I can’t wait to see how they will bring their dreams to life with a sense of urgency.

It’s so important for each of us to understand our assignments that were planted in us as we were formed in our mother’s womb. Arneshia and Ophelia have now completed the work and have a roadmap, accountability partner and a network of Dreamwalkers across the country to help them bring their dreams to life.  
~ Sonia Jackson Myles, Founder, President & CEO, The Sister Accord Foundation and Author, “The Sister Accord: 51 Ways To LOVE Your Sister”
Being selected to join Sonia Jackson Myles’ Dream Walking Masterclass, was no coincidence, nor was it something that happened by luck or chance; It was destined. When I first embarked on this journey, I allowed my fears to overcome my excitement and I felt conflicted about opening up to Sonia. I questioned her purpose in my life because the vision that I once had for myself became blurry and close to forgotten. I spent so much time building my life around other people’s dreams and expectations for me, that I disregarded my own. She helped me get back in touch with my authentic self by teaching me how to release everything that was in me but not of me. We developed a plan that truly captures the essence of my dreams and desires. Sonia helped to reawaken my passion and restore my confidence. I will always be grateful for becoming a Dream Walker, and I am thrilled to know that I have the power to make my dreams come into fruition. This experience has truly been a blessing to my life and Sonia Jackson Myles is amazing at what she does!”
~ Ophelia Murray, Junior, Bennett College
I believe in being intentional, from the moment I was awarded the scholarship in the DreamWalking program till the completion, it has been an intentional journey. To fulfill a dream, purpose, or goal in life we have to interrogate the why, what, and how. Dreamwalking helped me answer the lingering questions of "why I am capable" and why I want to share this dream." We used a sharp lens looking into what I fear, what is my dream and why I self-sabotage. Each assignment exercised my mentality to design my brand. In conclusion, I have a Dreamwalking action plan of what it takes to move forward with bringing my dreams to life. I am forging a path and walking in my purpose thanks to my opportunity to Dreamwalk with Ms. Sonia Jackson Myles.
~Arneshia Scott, Junior, Clark Atlanta University
Save A Girl, Save A World board member receives the Network Journal ’s 25 Influential Black Women in Business Award
SAGSAW is excited to celebrate Machelle Williams most deserving honor. As the sponsor of our Kathleen L.M. Wilkes Scholarship, we thank you for your commitment.
Welcome to our new Board Members
Stephanie Whittington - Rainge
Beauty Jackson
Power Rising Summit- February 22-25th, 2018   
The summit provided a space for Black women, from coast to coast, to come together as one and leverage their collective wisdom to develop strategic, actionable ways to build and maximize economic and political power—for the betterment of self, families, communities, and their future.  
Clark Atlanta students, Jalynn Stubbs, Queen Jonafa, Alia Gillespie attended with SAGSAW Mentors
SAGSAW Girls Making Summer Moves
Ophelia Murray, Junior
Bennett College - Political Science & International Relations Major
Interning as a Global Marketing Specialist, NIKE/Jordan Brand, Beverton, OR
Aravia Patterson, Senior
President, Alpha Chi Chapter of Triota Honor Society
Bennett College - African Women's Study & Biology Major
Studying abroad in a Global Health Initiative with Drexel University Global Health, Sengal & The Gambia
Thank you Ophelia Murray, Aravia Patterson, Queen Jonafa Tervalon, Alia Gillespie, and Jalynn Stubbs for participating in the February/March "Book Challenge" We read "The Hate You Give" by Angie Thomas.
Partners Corner
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Have you downloaded The World of Money App? Following the app and completing the assignments makes you to be eligible to participate in SAGSAW's Summer/Fall planned financial literacy activities!!! You must be in it to win it!
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