Featured: Human Trafficking Prevention Month
Throughout our programs and partnerships, SAI works to address, prevent, and fight against forced labor and human trafficking in global supply chains.
The FairCapacity Program in Bangladesh is funded by the European Commission.
Addressing Forced Labor through FairCapacity
SAI's FairCapacity program seeks to reduce labor risks in the apparel industry through responsible subcontracting, better production planning and transparency. As the European Commission-funded program wraps up in Bangladesh, we explore the relationship between production capacity planning and forced labor in apparel supply chains and how FairCapacity has worked to address it.

This is the first of a two-part series reflecting on outcomes and takeaways from the FairCapacity project.
First Certifications Announced for IRIS Ethical Recruitment Program
The IRIS Ethical Recruitment System is an initiative by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) that addresses forced labor and human trafficking risks by promoting ethical international labor recruitment. In December 2022, IRIS announced the first IRIS-certified Labor Recruiters and IRIS-accredited Audit Company. After robust maturity assessments that showed well-documented management systems, positive worker interviews, high levels of transparency, due-diligence checks, and recruitment risk mitigation strategies, We Are Caring, an employment agency based in Singapore, became the first fully IRIS certified recruiter on December 16, 2022. As Scheme Manager, Social Accountability Accreditation Services (SAAS), a division of SAI, has been appointed by IOM and tasked with the monitoring and approving of Audit Companies and auditors.
Read more about our work addressing forced labor in these recent news articles:
The Mexico awareness-raising project, builds awareness of recent labor reforms and freedom of association among employers and employer industry associations in Mexico.
Proyecto Sustentar, a USDOL-funded project, seeks to improve social compliance systems and labor rights—specifically related to child labor, forced labor, and unacceptable conditions of work—in agricultural supply chains in Mexico. 
Palma Futuro's Community Circles have engaged community members in learning more about preventing child and forced labor in Colombia and Ecuador.
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We're looking for a skilled and 
enthusiastic writer, communicator, and content developer to play a key role in producing learning materials to support our programs, including handbooks, reports, tools, trainings, case studies, and more.
Program Associate, New York City, NY

We are searching for a new Program Associate who can provide support across multiple program departments including corporate programs, grant projects, and training.
Social Compliance Expert (Agricultural Supply Chains), Mexico

We're seeking an experienced Social Compliance Expert (Agriculture Supply Chains) to support managing and implementing activities for Sustentar, a USDOL-funded grant project addressing forced and child labor in the chile and tomato sectors in Mexico.
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