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SAI Newsletter  September 2022

Featured Stories

Successful TenSquared worker-manager projects improve factory safety, inspire new cohort

Since 2013, our TenSquared program has equipped workers and managers with the tools to improve and strengthen relations in the workplace. Most recently, this was the case for Dell and Cisco technology suppliers who were able to increase communication about health and safety in the workplace, strengthen management-level commitments to OHS, and improve worker-manager relations in the companies.

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FairCapacity Program Releases New Tools for Buyers, Suppliers

Reducing labor risks in global apparel supply chains requires mutual buyer-supplier responsibility and cooperation. As part of our FairCapacity Program, SAI has developed a suite of tools to support these efforts.

Tools include: Supplier Production Capacity Calculator, Responsible Subcontracting Overview & Guidelines, Responsible Purchasing Practices Guidelines & Checklist, and Mutual Buyer-Supplier Code of Conduct.

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Updates from the Anker Research Institute

Photo credit: Ninara on Flickr (cc license)

New Living Wage and Income Reports

The Anker Research Institute and Global Living Wage Coalition have released several new living wage and living income reports in the last few months:

SAI is the institutional host for the Anker Research Institute. Researchers maintain full independence in their studies.

Have you heard about the Living Wage Corporate Sponsorship program? Learn how you can ensure a sustainable future for our leading living wage research.

Upcoming Workshop & Training Opportunities


This project aims to help employers, workers and unions understand and apply labor reforms and requirements in the USMCA. We are currently accepting training participants from the following industries: automobile manufacturing, auto parts, mining, aluminum/iron production, and electronics.

Upcoming Mexico-Awareness Raising Training Courses & Events

October 5: Virtual Webinar | Freedom of Association and Legitimation of Contracts

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Labor reform - implications for mining sector

October 20: Hermosillo, Sonora

October 21: Hermosillo, Sonora

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This project is financed by the U.S. Department of Labor pursuant to cooperation agreement number IL-35868-21 75K. 100% of the total project or program costs are financed by federal funds, amounting to a total of 10 million USD. The project is led by Partners of the Americas and SAI is an implementing partner.


Upcoming SA8000 Introduction and Basic Auditor Training Courses

October 10 – 14: SA8000 Basic Classroom Training | Medellin, Colombia | Spanish

October 10 – 12: SA8000 Advanced Classroom Training | China | Chinese

October 13 – 15: SA8000 Advanced Classroom Training | Venice, Italy

October 17 – 21: SA8000 Basic Classroom Training | Stockholm, Sweden

October 24 – 28: SA8000 Basic Remote Training | China | Chinese

October 24 – 28: SA8000 Basic Classroom Training | Karachi, Pakistan

October 24 – 28: SA8000 Basic Classroom Training | Dhaka, Bangladesh

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