Thursday, May 11,  2017
                                     Spring Edition 308

The voices in my head may not be real, but they have some good ideas!"


" Some cause happiness wherever they go. Others whenever they go."

- unknown   

"I used to be indecisive. Now I'm not sure.

- unknown

" If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong."



The article is about choices and the key elements going into your choices.  Choices are clear when you take the time to evaluate the player and the benefits. 

Me, I'm anxious for the summer and boating. I'm also getting more done in preparation so that I can be on top of my goals and also enjoy the summer. 

Time off is a motivator for most of us. Get it done and then reward yourself. It's that simple. It's also fun. 

It's amazing how technology is changing things so fast. In my work, it's the client trying to find a new position that has such a challenge. What job or business can one start or join now that is not going to be displaced? How can one find a spot to add value? The questions are not easy, but critical to an effective choice. 

It's better to face the reality and deal with it now than to avoid. Avoidance only creates a larger problem in the future, often the near future.  

Let's all work hard so we can play hard in the coming summer months. Deal?

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Sail or POWER

OK, for example, I want to buy a boat. 

I want a sailboat as I love to sail and that is most often done alone.  The boat cutting through the water with just the wind and the waves is magical and relaxing to me. Truth be known, I even fell asleep once sailing alone. I woke up startled.  Now, if I feel tired, I put one hand overboard in the cold water and it keeps me awake. 

The family wants a power boat. I've owned power boats before and greatly enjoy them. While the engine is noisy and not relaxing, one can get someplace fast and one can water ski and tube behind the boat. It's great fun for the kids and great family fun. 

So, which is it? sail or power?

As I started to write this article I became aware I put sail first. It's sail that is in my mind, or has a higher priority in my mind.  Yet, is it just for me or is it for the family?  It's for the family. Yet, will the family accept a sailboat? In this case the answer is, no.  The no means that they would not be anxious to sail and would only go with me on rare occasions. While they would not begrudge me a sailboat, they all want the powerboat. 

As I write this, I have not bought a boat.  So, which is it? sail or power?

My solution, my personal choice, is to go with the power as it will please the most people.  Me, not as much, but I will enjoy it and will have great pleasure watching the grandchildren enjoy it. That will make up for the difference. 

However, if possible, I'll still get a sailboat. Yes, two boats is one too many. Yet, in the compromise of life, I might still accept the extra work to have the sailboat for my use and, ideally, some of the others will come out with me and find out they enjoy it. 

The solution can be a smaller sailboat.    That would work on all levels. 

I'm looking for the powerboat that will satisfy the whole family, and the sailboat that will work for me. Hopefully, I'll find the perfect, or at least, acceptable, two boat solution. 

Life is compromise. It's choosing what has the higher value. Were I to just value my use it would be the sailboat. But, for me, it's a family issue, and hence, without regret, I vote first for the power boat. 

What choices do you face? How will you make the decision?  Will it be based solely on you or will other people come into the decision?

The choice is actually easy. The choice is based on the value proposition.  How heavily others weigh in on the decision can change it from one you'd make just for yourself. Yet, it'd be a lonely life if we only considered ourselves. In truth, we get great pleasure seeing the people we care about also enjoy the results of the decision. 

The choice is easy.  The value of those involved should also be easy. 

Look for me in the power boat with the family. Or, if you see a lone sailor, that too might be me.