NBOA, the National Business Officers Association, presented a special award to incoming SAIS President Debra Wilson at last month's annual meeting.

Above and Beyond Brainerd Baptist School in Chattanooga takes seriously its mission of expanding minds and preparing hearts. When a special student needed the school to go the extra mile, it went far beyond that.
Neuroscience tells us there are compelling reasons to radically re-think the standard high school class schedule.
It's tough to encapsulate all the learning packed into the NAIS Annual Conference. Here's a handy brief to help you recall the key ideas and share them with your faculty and staff.
Sarah Barton Thomas,
upper elementary
division head at
Trinity School in
Atlanta, GA.

Whether you're a veteran head looking to re-energize, a new head eager to start strong, or an administrator in need of effective strategies, these summer SAIS events can fill the bill.