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Late Arrival Days Score Wins for Schools
By Christina Mimms, SAIS

If your school's morning dropoff resembles a scene from the Walking Dead - slow-moving bodies dragging along with unkempt hair and a nearly lifeless expression - you likely are not alone. It's hard to change pre-teen and teenage behavior but some schools have learned that late arrivals can help to ease morning stress, provide teachers with much-need collaboration time, and add a little pep to their students' step.  >>Read more.
Let's Get Real: Exploring Race, Class, and Gender Identities in the Classroom 
By Martha Caldwell and Oman Frame
From the Publisher: This new book is a vital resource for any teacher or administrator to help students tackle issues of race, class, gender, religion, and cultural background. Authors Martha Caldwell and Oman Frame, both lifelong educators, offer a series of teaching strategies designed to encourage conversation and personal reflection, enabling students to think creatively, rather than stereotypically, about differences. Using the Transformational Inquiry model, your students will learn to explore their own identities, share stories and thoughts with their peers, learn more through reading and research, and ultimately take personal, collaborative action to affect social change in their communities. Martha Caldwell and Oman Frame teach at the Paideia School in Atlanta and are co-founders of iChange Collaborative, where they train teachers and students in inclusion education, cultural competency, social emotional learning, and ethical leadership. The two presented a session on this subject at the 2016 SAIS Annual Conference. 
SAIS Athletic Directors Conference - Registration Now Open!

The 2nd Annual Athletic Directors Conference will be held January 12-13, 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Ravinia in Atlanta. Attend sessions about leadership, gender equity, parent-coach relationships, event management, and more! Visit  www.sais.org/ADC.   >>Register here. 
Stephen P. Robinson Collaboration Grants

The Stephen P. Robinson Collaboration Grants were created to encourage independent schools to form new partnerships with other schools, institutions of higher education, businesses, and/or nonprofits. SAIS will annually divide a total of $25,000 among two to five member schools. Those applying must demonstrate a vision and capacity to pursue and carry out meaningful collaborations. Successful examples have demonstrated efforts that benefit the greater community or region in unique ways. SAIS will accept proposals for the 2017 Collaboration Grants until December 31, 2016. Awards will be announced and disbursed by February 1, 2017.    >>Read more about the Collaboration Grants Program.

You're Invited to the SAIS-Vanderbilt University PoCC Reception
Thursday, December 8 6:00-8:00 PM 
Room B407 at the Georgia World Congress Center, 285 Andrew Young International Blvd NW, Atlanta, GA 30313 
For PoCC information and registration, please go to pocc.nais.org.

School Snapshots

Middle School Spanish students at The Out-of-Door Academy in Sarasota, FL, this year are taking part in a pilot program offered by a language education company. The interactive online program focuses  on the development of their Spanish communication competencies. Teacher Yadira Kirschner receives instant notification when students complete their assignments and homework in real-time.  Each section of the program provides a comprehensive test to gauge their learning, and students are measured using specific criteria created for the program. 

Students at Trinity School in Atlanta recently harvested items from their school garden, delivering radishes, lettuces, cabbage, and carrots to chefs to incorporate into the campus lunch menus. As part of school curriculum, students participate in true farm-to-table initiatives every fall and spring. Early Elementary Division students (3-year-olds through 1st grade) have been learning about plant life and the differences between root and leaf vegetables this fall. They planted in late September.  Upper Elementary Division students (2nd through 6th grade) repeat this process in the spring and will plant sweet potatoes that will grow over the summer. The Trinity garden includes raised garden boxes, a rabbit-proof fence, and a rain barrel, allowing the garden to thrive throughout the seasons.

In 4th and 5th grade science classes at Greensboro Montessori School in Greensboro, NC, students recently completed an in-depth unit on the human brain. They began by studying the different parts of the brain and their specific functions, and then applied their new knowledge to learn how to strengthen their own brains to maximize their own learning. Students explored research from Stanford University professor Dr. Carol Dweck, who coined the term "growth mindset." Students learned about the attitudes that comprise a growth mindset and discussed how their own beliefs and attitudes affect their ability to learn. As a culminating activity, classes hosted a workshop on the practice of mindfulness. The workshop was developed and presented by student Raven Enoch and her mother, Dr. Vanessa Abernathy-Enoch. They shared a multi-media presentation on how the brain and body react to stress and the common sources of stress. They also led the students and faculty in basic mindfulness exercises they can use at home and at school. For more information about students practicing mindfulness, click here

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SAIS Annual Conference Videos Now Available

Videos from the 2016 SAIS Annual Conference are available for viewing at www.sais.org/tv. Watch select breakout sessions, speeches, and more. A direct link to keynote speaker Dr. Donna Hicks' address is available here
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Trinity Presbyterian

Founded in 1970, Trinity is one of Montgomery's foremost educational institutions, binding academic excellence with Christian values. Providing a challenging college-preparatory education, Trinity provides a rigorous academic program, committed educators, outstanding athletics, and a nurturing family environment. Educators at Trinity strike a balance as they encourage students to strive for excellence, while emphasizing Christ-like character above all else. "The Trinity Experience" produces leaders who possess mental, physical, and spiritual strength.
>>Read more. 

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Grant Lichtman ponders what makes a great teacher.
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