From the SAIS President
In this month's letter, SAIS President Debra Wilson shares a few steps to help get through this window into our winter breaks while battling COVID-fatigue.
NAIS & SAIS Students & Personnel of Color
This FastStats presents 20 years of data on the percentages of students, teachers, administrators, and heads of color in our schools. Have we made any -- empirical, objective, or real -- progress?
Quick Tuition Study: 2019-20 Data
SAIS collects the following data from member schools on an annual basis: operating budget, highest tuition dollar amount, student enrollment, and tuition percentage increase from year to year. We hope this study will be helpful when setting tuition for subsequent years.
Buckle Your Seatbelts! Navigating the Path to the 2021-22 School Year
Join us November 19 and December 3 for this two-part online event to help gain important perspectives about the virus, the economy, and independent school industry considerations to help with your planning for the next school year.
2021 Learning Opportunities
Mark your calendar!
April 19-20: Leadership Retreat
Upcoming Webinars
Nov 10/12: Being a School Leader During a Pandemic (for heads / for admins)