Survey: Is It Time for Schools to Embrace Continuous Re-enrollment?
“Evergreen Enrollment” or “Continuous Enrollment,” in which a student’s enrollment is automatically renewed each year unless otherwise decided, is a timely topic in the independent school world. The model promises several significant benefits – student retention, ease of re-enrollment, and greatly reducing the workload of school admissions officers being chief among them – but also comes with several potential pitfalls. In fall 2017, a survey was sent to independent schools in the Southeastern United States and in California, inviting them to share their perspectives and experiences with continuous enrollment.
Book Review of You're More Powerful Than You Think by Eric Liu 
Reviewed by Diego Duran-Medina, Director of Service Learning and Co-Director of the Center for Service Learning Leadership, Shorecrest Preparatory School, St. Petersburg, FL
 There is a force that permeates every institution and dynamic in our society, and yet, it remains strangely absent from our classrooms and curricula. We rarely name it and yet it shapes almost every decision we make; however, it is a skill we rarely teach to students. That force is power – understanding its intricacies, the challenges to wielding power and what it means for students as citizens, while they are in our schools and when they join the world beyond our institutions. In Eric Liu’s You’re More Powerful Than You Think: A Citizen’s Guide to Making Change Happen , the author takes us through three fundamental concepts to understanding power. These three concepts help shape political movements, discussions and asking questions about power with students. Power: Who has it? Who needs it? How do I get it? 
Stephen P. Robinson Collaboration Grant Report: St. George's Independent School, Collierville, TN
In the upcoming issues of SAIS HeadLines, reports from the 2017 Stephen P. Robinson SAIS Collaboration Grant recipients will be published. These reports detail the programs funded by the grants.
By Will Bladt, Associate Head of School and Bill McCalin, Director of Environmental Sustainability
Access to clean drinking water is one of the leading issues facing people on our planet today and will become an even greater concern as our population continues to grow. While regions such as the western United States, the Middle East, and southern Europe already face extreme water stress, the southern United States has yet to face this level of scarcity. We understand, however, with this abundance comes great responsibility and our water supply may be our greatest natural resource. Clean, affordable drinking water is a critical commodity that must be protected.
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Pushing Our Horizons: How Do We Tackle the Big, Hairy Challenges of the Next 20 Years?
Led by Grant Lichtman , an internationally recognized K-12 transformation thought leader, attendees will work together as they imagine futures that may look very different from the past and build a capacity and comfort with ongoing change. Participants will examine what it means to shift schools from being teaching organizations to learning organizations, which traditions are important to preserve, and which traditions hamper this shift to a long-term growth mindset. Register at .
SAIS Featured School: Girls Preparatory School, Chattanooga, TN
At Girls Preparatory School, our teaching methods, programs, culture, and priorities begin and end with what is best for our girls. We have created a girl-centered curricular and co-curricular program inspired by how girls learn best, one that prepares each girl for her future. For more than 110 years, GPS has equipped girls to become the best versions of themselves.
Register is OPEN for the 2018 Institute for Administrative Assistants
This program provides resources and tips for the varied tasks included in the administrative support role. Learn practical strategies for handling the types of issues related to supporting a school administrator. Network with other assistants to share time-saving tricks and proven solutions. Session topics include school finance, communication, tech issues of cyber security, email privacy, and risks, and how to handle confrontational or threatening situations.
June 27-29, 2018
Asheville, NC
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June 19-22, 2018
Renaissance Asheville
Asheville, NC
Featuring Rob Evans and Michael Thompson, t his energizing and nurturing retreat offers an opportunity for thoughtful dialogue and engagement with colleagues on key issues facing heads of school and their spouses. The number of participants is limited to foster connections and allow for contributions from all attendees.

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"With superb facilitators and impressive colleagues, the institute was a fabulous way to reflect on our roles from the '50,000-foot' perspective, while also recharging for the next year."

"The IH serves for me as both an excellent heads conference and three days of therapy!"

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