From the SAIS President Dr. Kirk Walker

A New Year’s Resolution for the Decades
The recent success of the New Horizons spacecraft is a testament to long-range planning as well as patience, persistence, and the ability to stay motivated over great stretches of time. The funding and planning took five years. The voyage to Pluto took a decade and the final leg to the Kuiper Belt took another three and a half years. Over 18 years from start to completion. At no point was success guaranteed; and along the way, adjustments had to be made continuously. For the scientists, their personal lives proceeded: births, marriages, illnesses, graduations, and a host of bodily changes. And for some of the researchers, the program’s success was achieved after their lifetime.
One of the best ways to improve and demonstrate safety preparation is through tabletop safety drills in which school leadership teams work through and talk through their response to a sample crisis.
School leaders partner with Maryville College to launch Summer STEM Teacher Academy with great results for current and pre-service teachers.
School leaders are quickly recognizing that the cost of independent school tuition, demographic and competitive market changes, and the lack of clear financial aid strategy are all ripe for exploration and new thinking.   
In the past five to ten years, has your school revamped or even reworded your mission statement?

We're working on a feature for the next SAIS magazine about mission, the crucial guide for each of our schools. Contact to share your input .
The complex demands of school scheduling and concerns about the effects of disruption on learning have school leaders formulating procedures for students to work at home when inclement weather closes schools.
The Adventures of PhilAnThropy by Linda Wise McNay, Del Martin, and Ailena Parramore is a kid-friendly story to inspire the next generation of philanthropists.
Join us April 15-16 in New Orleans for a real conversation about women in independent school leadership with speaker Erin Fischer, owner and CEO of the Leadership and Training Studio.