At K-8 schools, students departing after 8th grade is a given. Ideally, they are well prepared for any 9th grade program they pursue at other schools. But what about 8th graders at K-12 schools? Are they ready to make that leap into high school, even if the move is just across campus? 
When crisis strikes, will you be ready? That is a question that every senior leader asks regularly. We like to think that we can be prepared when disaster or tragedy strikes, but will we be? You can't predict a crisis, but you can prepare by having the right people in place, says John Baldoni in this blog post and video.
 Suzie Boss’ latest book speaks powerfully to educators who understand that our schools are in need of transformation for 21st century learning, and gives them strategies, tools, and examples to help make it happen.
“A place to grow.” The tagline that Chattanooga Christian School adopted shortly after its inception in 1970 accurately describes every aspect of the thriving CCS community.
Which standardized tests are lower schools using these days? Check out results from the LS heads listserv conversation.
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