For Brokers:
SAM replacing IDEA for CT Oxford Fully Insured Business

Oxford will also be transitioning all Connecticut small group (1-50) quoting, renewal and enrollment functions to a new Sales Automation Management (SAM) tool. SAM will be accessible through the website and will replace the Idea Management System (IDEA)  for Oxford fully insured small group (1-50 business only) .

For Employers & Employees:
New website for Connecticut Oxford Fully Insured Business

Brokers and employers will begin using a new website for Connecticut Oxford fully insured business, beginning with business renewing or effective in October 2019.

The new business-to-business website will provide access to the same information as on with an easier-to-use interface and new functionality. The new website will replace for Connecticut Oxford fully insured business only.

Approximately 60 days prior to your impacted client's policy effective date, you will receive an email from Oxford, inviting you to register on the new website.

Contact your AmWINS representative with any questions or to request additional information.