Adding yet another feather in their hat of successes, JACCO and SAMSUNG recently helped a client "grow" to the next level.
Contracted in a rush so a marijuana cultivation facility could keep their permits and cool their product efficiently, JACCO, equipped with their 30-Minute Design and SAMSUNG with their Quick Ship service and built-in system redundancy, were ready for the job.
From the date of order placement, 372 tons of VRF heat pumps and 250 fan
coils were shipped to the job site and arrived in just one week. 
The SAMSUNG air conditioning/cooling system was originally purchased as a secondary system to compliment a separate custom rooftop cooling system. Together, the systems would cool the facility the 24 hours, 7 days a week the cultivation process requires. 
But, with SAMSUNG's:
  • surplus of built in redundancy
  • ability to handle cooling load year-round
  • and 10-year warranty
...the facility was so impressed  with SAMSUNG's product features and its
ability to handle the job single-handedly, that they changed their mind on
the spot - replacing SAMSUNG as their primary and ONLY source of
cooling for their cultivation process.
SAMSUNG's capabilities don't just stop there, check out some other
things that they do well:  
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At last! Integrate your Samsung VRF MEP design with DVM-Pro CAD! 
Now, you can easily block for all of your indoor and outdoor units, draw piping
and electrical systems, create schedules and much more!
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For more information,  please contact Jerry Cohen or visit our website.
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