• The San Pedro ♥ Festival of the Arts is a free family event, in the past featuring Dance, Music & Visual Arts/Crafts Booths. This year, our 15th, we approach it in a new way due to the dimensions of the recent Pandemic. The festival was again awarded a Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles Festival Grant + a grant to reintroduce the festival to the community. This includes our 6-film Division that is currently running. Images from those companies include
BodyVox/Garden of Synaesthesia
Pranamya Suri /Naiharwa
Kraken Still & Film/Distant Worlds
Tonia Shimin/Of Time and Spirit
LA Choreographers & Dancers/Urban & Tribal Dances
Abilities Dance Boston

Sept 12 will be the re-introduction indoors at Alvas Showroom at 1413 8th St, San Pedro 90732 at 4 pm, and Sept 19 will be outside at Anderson Memorial Park at 828 S Mesa St, San Pedro CA 90731 at from 1pm - 4:15. We will be recording both performances to share on the internet and all performances will be live and free to the public, but with restricted audiences. For Alvas Showroom on 9/12, please email for free reservations to be assured of a seat, and because of Covid-19 all in the audience must bring a vaccination card and mask. We do want everyone to feel safe in this intimate space.
You can see more about this year's companies at triartsp.com. For Anderson Park, bring your vax card or recent neg covid-19 test and mask.
The companies featured at Alvas Showroom with images include:
Aoi Aihara
Degas Dance Studio
VIDA – Vannia Ibarguen Dance collaboration with
DRDT- Dorcas Román Dance Theatre
Leah Hamel
LL Moves
Louise Reichlin & Dancers/ Remembrance
Pranamya Suri/ Kuchipudi
CalliOpus Contemporary Dance
Our next e-news will feature photos of the 17 companies on the Anderson Park stage. You can see them dancing in the promo videos on Anderson. For that one, come with your vax or negative covid-19 test from 72 hrs previous, and your mask. All performances are free! Some of the artists whose works will be featured at Anderson Park in promo #1 include Louise Reichlin & Dancers/ Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers (cover frame), Jose Costas Contempo Ballet, ARTSWORK Studio Company, Jyoti Kala Mandir, Dagdag Dance, Ke’Aira Roberson, Raiz Brazil Dance Company (Music Anderson Park Promo #1:Granda) Promo #2 Katrina Ji (cover frame), Megill & Company, Freaks With Lines, Fusion Flamenco, Katrina Ji, Selcouth, Megill & Company, Re:borN Dance Interactive, Kairos Dance Company, Showtime-Katusha, Contemporary West Dance Theatre (Music Anderson Park Promo #2: Danny Green)

This re-introduction of the San Pedro Festival of the Arts using film and multiple performances is made possible by a federal stimulus grant supplement. The San Pedro Festival of the Arts is made possible in part by a grant from the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.
Our non-profit Tax ID is 95-3509028. Thank you for your continued support!

We hope to continue to share our dances and teaching with other areas, and new funds from you can also take us to any location in LA and much further. If you donate, you can help us get to your location!! You will also help us match the grants below. Donations also support the San Pedro ♥ Festival of the Arts. Please visit our website and write in amount to make your donation. 
If you prefer to send a check, please mail to LA C&D, 351 S. Virgil Ave, Los Angeles CA 90020.

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Thank you again-
Louise Reichlin, Artistic Director Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers
Executive Producer the San Pedro ♥ Festival of the Arts